One Wish

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Sometimes love will come find you to remind you who you are.

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



Wishes, listening for her to gracefully step over the horizon with her head held high in regards to being confident. She has a message to relay, so I calm my blood stream to hear you better as you get closer. The soothing sound of your voice has always conquered my attention as I want to give it all to you. Wiping away from my forehead forming from feeling nervous because you're coming up on your finals steps towards me. Your height is a delicate quality that gives me the impression that I should look up to you as if I'm to feel closer to a Goddess. Baby keep your hand crafted leaf for someone else as I would rather breakdown my truest feelings ,and roll them up into a perfectly aligned display of my love and admiration for your existence. Look into my eyes and feel my spirit play a tone telling you I want to build something unique in our relationship. I can't express my gratefulness in just a few words as I'm thankful for this 6th sense of nirvana you've opened up inside of me. One night I drew up a list of my last words to you, but the words faded off the paper as to say we'd never face a terrible moment bringing about that side of life. I'd choose you over my selfish love for myself any day because you hold a great bit of the universe inside of you, which happens to be the blessing to give birth to a new God/Goddess created by the both of us. Every time I get a glimpse of your beauty my words run for the hills as my desire to only have your love increase this fire inside of me, which burns freely for your heart.

Uncertain of whether you would choose to start a life with me, or see what your other options will bring about in time. I see the struggle on your mind play both sides of the situation which can be overwhelming to take in all at once. However, I hear your heart telling a different story as I see no other man being as appreciative, or a better fit for your heart, body, and soul. Let today be the day that we decide to put ourselves first, and let what we actually feel in our hearts be the answers to your questions. I want you close to my heart where you can stay forever. For you I can be as open as you'd like, but I'd only ask one thing of you on bended knee. Will you promise to cherish our love and only look to grow together with each passing breath we intake? The answers you'll have for me will be presented by your actions. I'd like nothing more than to connect with you on a spiritual level in order for us to explore how deep our love can get for each other. That is a wish from me to you as only you can fulfill this wish by providing your everlasting love, for us to paint a picture our future of endless moments of happiness much like the infinite number of majestic balls of pure energy in the night sky that we refer to as stars. We could have it all.

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