Past Transgressions III

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Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



Past Transgressions III

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Same Evening I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

The Roxxy

Girl this nightclub is packed.

Maybe we can leave and search for one that will not break my purse or cause an uncivil act

Hey, isn’t that your ex-boyfriend


Right over There

If you’re lying ooh I swear

I turned around

Preparing to be taken down

My dark-brown eyes searched the nightclub throughout

Still looking handsome without a reasonable doubt

A pair of magnetic coral blue colored eyes penned my existence

Thank goodness we have a history of distance

Girl he still looks...

And probably still up to know no good

Then maybe we should

What, leave without having some fun

Girl with that fine man around you’re like a loaded emotional gun

Today I refuse to cut and run

 It was his lost not mine

He was the one who wouldn’t fall into line

You still miss him

No, with him it was always sink or swim

Well how about tonight

It’s too many handsome men in here not to be treated right

I made my way over to the bar

Wishing on a star

My ex will just turn and leave

I know he has something devious planned up his sleeve

I’ve come too damn far

To be sunk again by emotional scars

Out the corner of my eye he’s walking toward me

Not affected by the powers that be

Hey there, my caramel coated Haitian jazz

I wanted to tell him to kiss my ask me what I’m thinking

At this moment I had to stop my eyes from blinking

The man sure still looks good

Thank goodness I’m not affected, knock on wood

Could I have this dance

I extended my hand

To show him I’ve moved on

I would just let bygones be bygones

He led me to the dance floor

Everyone knows all fairs in love and war

Not meaning to lay the fault at one’s door

I’ve missed you, he whispered in my ear

No, you’ve missed the derailment of your money train my dear

He pulled me into his solid erection

No emotional protection

Mmm for such a hard detection

My arms crept around his neck

Don’t lose it you were nothing but his paycheck

Oh, what the heck

I moved in closer

He’s playing my body like he’s a romantic composer

I think he’s still trying to win me over

He keeps grinding so gently into my pelvis

Now I’m feeling a little overzealous

Umm, I specially missed the way you pleased my big bird

Fine feathers do not make fine birds Therefore, let’s not mince words

People in the Hamptons are asking about you

You mean what my tongue and body could do

Which has already been done. The moment you walked out I already won.

I stepped back

No time to lose myself or get back off track

My Haitian jazz I will always love you

No, you love me for what I could do

Getting us paid while one of us was the only one getting laid

And the last time I checked

You were the first one to collect

Those many zeros

Only made me a wiser Shero.

How about one more chance for a real romance

Not with your history of an endless dirty dance

Oh, now you’re taking a stance

I am

Is this what you call your revenge grand slam

Take care, but do me a favor, don’t call

To my heart you’re blackballed

How about the memories, our under the covers good times

Once you read between your sexual favors they all become just blurred lines

I really don’t have time for wreckage of despair

Or your threesome love affairs

At the moment I’m walking on air

I strolled away

For this day I have silently prayed

For the strength and guidance

For being non-compliance

Girl are you ready for that drink now

Yes, I could finally take a bow

Cupid’s bow and arrow has been officially retired

I’m flying solo much higher

Dedicated to myself

This poem was in reminisce of self-help

Is definitely going on my awards shelf


Hangover Mode

Someone is banging on my door

Whose there

It’s Felipe

Shit…shit…shit I can’t take his drama anymore

To be continued

I just do not have it in me

To write how this all went down

Caviar, credit cards, black ties, five-star hotels downtown

No more the young foolish clown

Where was Dr. Phil

When the pit of my eyes were filled

Couldn’t let go, couldn’t go on

Bad sexual habits to reconsider after making it through emotional withdrawn

An enemy of self

Such Bitter regrets

Obsessional Threats

Nightly male mindsets

Expensive and lavish assets

Erotica Interests

But I’m here

Not just anywhere

No more thongs, bikinis, discreet services of the underwear without a care

Poem taken from The Flow of My Heart To You III


© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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