My Sweet Destiny

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

This text is made up of multiple short stories, each containing two basic links, horror and humour. When reading, please be sure that if any of the sentence's or words seem out of place, or perhaps
miss-spelt I (Author) reassure you (reader) that I have just began this small hobby and my liking to writing, In other words I may not be up to standard but I still like it so if you (reader) find
anything you don't like, be sure to post a comment and tell me my mistakes.

This book/Novel will be edited every week, meaning more information will come every week.

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



The Series: Prologue
“Ahhh yes, the classic’s, it’s another boring year on another boring day, adding another boring minute to my precious time, reading more boring book’s, and let me guess more happy unrealistic endings too? uck, how annoying, are all stories like these ones? ..."AS IF!! ... HEY READER!, do you really think every story, book or text are like ones the writing two-five lines above described, because if you do then you certainly haven’t read these ones". 
Starring Imaginary people and... well, more fictional people these thrilling yet accelerating stories take you, the reader on a giant roller coaster ride, from mind-boggling mysteries to breathtaking chills, these scary events hold it all, even as you’re reading these very words.

"I present the hook, the text you just read, it’s supposed to hook you into the stories coming up next, do you the reader at all feel like reading the stories soon to come, because if not, you ARE A MONSTER, but if you do, than welcome to the wonderful world of horror, where dreams become nightmares and all that scary stuff, please do not hold back as the ride begins, the first story only just out of reach, but wait what is that light heading straight towards you?, It’s a bird, No, it’s a plane, OH NO!, it’s just the headlights of a logging truck, well nice meeting you, bye-bye" 'SCRREEECCHH'.

Book 1

- Through the eyes of a Ghost -

Chapter 1 - The beginning, 3:00 am Saturday morning -

One warehouse, two people, and what seems to be a normal conversation, has suddenly...“NO, STOP, WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU!!??… AHHHhhh” turned into - a blood curdling screech erupted, bursting into the cool air surrounding, the disturbed silence quivered as the dark night sky began to waver, “skrrr, drip, drip, drop” complete and utter silence, the stillness mesmerizing, morning was beginning, and so was my story, the story that only I knew.
Hi, my name is Annie, and the scream that you just heard, that was mine.

© Copyright 2018 kara savage. All rights reserved.

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