The Person in the Mirror

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This is basically a small poem based on the life of a girl portrayed as a character in 'the real world'. Meaning it's just a poem about life and it's effects on this small girl.

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



I looked in the mirror and who did I see?, I saw a child staring back at me, with dark brown hair and deep green eyes, all the small features that still found light, she sat and stared and so did I, without a doubt I knew I was right. 

A child she was still innocent and still loved, but the world of man took her caged her like a dove, frail yet knowingly she looked at me and smiled, warmingly she said: "We'll be fine, it just takes a little while".

Now I understand and still remained silent, I could not speak so we stayed quiet, this eye locking experience left me in tears as the realization hit me, she began to seep while I began to fear, now I could see everything happened here.

The child, now gone, used to be me but with different features, unlike the ones I see today, that child in the mirror has now lost her face a new one replacing it with new fake feelings too, feelings no one can take but the masks of a few. 

"Drip...drip" the sound of water droplets echoed across the floor as they fell into complete silence against a door, I had seen it before 'maybe from a childhood memory?' I thought as the sound of water droplets came to a stop, the traces drying on my face. 

The door I remembered so vaguely stood in front of me now,  it's resemblance mesmerizing but I had only one question, how? the door shouldn't be here I thought in my mind the answer drawing near, now that I see it, the answer is clear.

I was the little girl, caged like a dove and everyone else just stood as if above, above everything even life itself and now I'm here surrounded in disappear but I'm not the cause, you see? Its everyone else but me.

The door was my past, and I remember, at last, the old me has been gone for a while but not for long, I'm tired of being someone I'm not, it's time to be me, the real me and this time I will not be caged, I will be free.

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