We Love Our Drill Sergeant

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The impression of the Drill Sergeant upon recruits.

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



We Love Our Drill Sergeant


Dear mum,

As you can see I am writing home.

There is a lot that has changed,

My hair is all gone

And we wake up at 5 am.


Dad was right,

I really Love our Drill Sergeant.

He has arms of iron

And legs like the trunks of trees.

His voice is harsh and loud,

Often bringing weakness to the knees,

A recruit called him bro,

I think the Drill Sergeant ate his soul.


He spits acid

And drinks napalm for coffee.

Often we see him eating his lunch;

The brains of dead recruits,

He uses their guts for garters,

To hold up his socks.

I wish I had listened to dad,

He really did tell the truth.


We run everywhere these days,

My arms are tired from saluting.

If combat is hell,

Then the Drill Sergeant is the devil.

But do not worry,

I get to come home on leave very soon.


We really Love our Drill Sergeant,

He even reads our mail,

Teaching us correct grammar

And how to shake our tails.

What more can I say,

The food is good

And I am well.


Did I say we Love our Drill Sergeant,

And his horrific ghastly smell?

Like that of death and gasoline,

What more can I tell.

Some recruits faint at the sight of him, 

Never mind the smell.


Send my Love to my sisters

And my brothers as well.

Tell them we Love our Drill Sergeant,

Or else I am going to hell.

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