And you write because...

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All these poems we write, but does the muse ever reads it?

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



For every promise you break For every heart you stab You skip a heartbeat You drown in dead guilt And you write poems about it Poems bleeding regret, Poems pleading apology.

You write about the beautiful sunsets You watched with them The things you will bargain To live that again

The rain reminds you of their liveliness And you write how you miss it. The sunrise reminds you of their lambent eyes So you write how dull it's all without them

Your agony is felt by soft hearts Your words echoes in empathic minds Apology accepted by the ones who were not there Regret washed away by souls who are not them And for a while you come out of the water Your guilt left behind Your regrets nowhere to be seen Until you let another one go Until you write another person's show Between the lines of pain and words you never let go.


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