Never believed in superman

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Never believed till I saw her her eyes

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



Never Believed In Supermen

A Story by bluessadmood


just thoughts..dreamy thoughts



The sky was  so cloudy like my mind..So many bright visions kept coming and going..
Could see so many people here and there..Loved the way they walked,like all lost..Like nothing..
Thoughts of you always run to my mind,never stopping..I remember everything.. you pacify my mind..You make me think again that the rain and sun,night and day could come again right at once for you changed all the rules ,its you who make them now..times in the snow I could feel so warm..
In the darkest of nights I could see bright days, in the skies I could see even the stars, you make me think that life is never silly..No matter how everything looks so sad, I could still see your smile.. I never believed in supermen until I saw you, no one could bring a smile onto a sad face but one could bring the rains and the sun and rainbow, fill the skies with colors,yet not as beautiful as your eyes though ,you could do all that.. no one could wipe all the pains out of the saddest of hearts, and fill them with joy with just a look from those eyes, with just a smile from that face , telling me everything is all right, I don’t think there is any power greater than change the dark into light, clouds into something so bring sweet dreams in the midst of day so I don’t have to sleep my show me rainbows anytime you touch my face ,and close my eyes, so I can see you much better, you would do everything so it looks like took me there always ,but all the way I knew its you being near.. that make it like the  sweetest heavens..


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