sleep paralysis

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Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



Had a dream again. Nothing special about it besides that they just come and go again and again... Yet last night was different, distinct from any other dream, or should i say nightmare? I can't tell the exact time of it but i suspect it was about 4am in the morning.

There it was again! The image appears again in my head, imprinted in my mind like a mark; dull, dismal, disappearing. Woken up by the suffocating heavy air, it was like cigarette smoke choking me, trying to get out but realising every muscle of mine was anchored to the bed. I'm still asleep yet awake, my non-existent vision is position all over the room, even with my eye closed i can clearly observed myself layng there, motionless. I felt like a third-dimensional spirit as i lingers around.

I didn't know what it was then, I couldn't think, couldn't move and couldn't "see".

Until "they" came...

There they were, standing there staring at me with their inamimate black glowing eye through a giant wide round lens. There were vines yet they looked awful like venis running from the air itself upon them, from head down to toes. I needed my mind right now, I wanted my Saint back! I simply don't want two monstrosity be anywhere near me, the monster seems like they were wearing hazmat suit and they were just standing there. Powerless, What could I possibly do?

Room gotten darker as each steps "they" took as if their black, slimy blood veins spreads through out into the air filling every corner of the room with it, ripping every dim light apart that it comes across. Every suffocating breath I breathe the more moist I feel on my skin, heavier and heavier, the more fuzzy and numb my vision gets. Trying to tug myself under the bed sheet but felt nothing but dying. Gallons and Gallons of toxic gas floods into my lung, I simply can't breath. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

There were no scream, not a squeal. The silences was almost deafening with nothing but the pounding sound of my red fleshy heart against my rib cage. Encaged, was I trying to get out? Monster's bony talon starting to run through my skin like sandpaper against silk; ripping, tearing, trembling.. My question finally was aswered as the return of my mentality back into me. Wait? This isn't real! I don't have to suffer for this!

My sociopathic brain had no fear. It had no fear so there were no bravery either. They weren't my monster until I fear. In fact i actually enjoy it, I enjoy being encaged, how there is no way out, no one but me is here, that i shouldn't be let out but locked like a Golden Pheasant framed in a painting. I have no light, I never had any. I always saw darkness,being my own shadow as my companion. We share experiences and scars, a storage for my darkness and a weapon for my light with the only differences being - he has a sociopathic mind.

Atmosphere is still glooming with feeling of death. Crippled air moecules dragging themself towards to me filling me up with emptiness, leaving me breathing out depression, drepression is all i can exhale. My fear weren't the dream anymore but the end time of its lifespans. It was a world maded just for him, for me. Afraid that it'll leave me suffocating again, dumping me back out to the world.

And there I was, woken up surrounded by reality again; "tick-tock" "tick-tock" as the seconds goes by me...


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