I've Pass On My Day

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In this poem i've think all about my journey from begining to the finishing of my schools and my future.

meaning can be different for others in the different situations

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



"I've Pass On My Day"

The day starts with the end of yawning night with given a dream of healthy day. When it starts it looks like a whole life but when actually starts its just the whole moment of life. Walking the path with taking the dream which would has to be come true, otherwise the day is just a day and another day will always be night which had forgotten dreams.

In the afternoon, I suppose to think about the evening, but evening is all about another day. when I found me in the middle of the path I suppose the path is lost, and the path I've taken is full with rumoured fictionless truth on which I've to walk. when I found my self in end of the path of my journey, it was woods and bushes all over.

Now the day becomes the bloody with no attitude. This gives me the wings of experience and a belly fill with knowledge, which gives me the power to burst out all the staggers and complete the journey. In the end its home , the dream comes true!

Now enjoy the calmness of the black shadows and live the meal you got . Finally, "I've pass on my day." But wait, there is another day which will come tomorrow. The path is continued tomorrow with another dream. The life is not the day but the moment is. But still "I've pass on my day !"

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