The Forbidden fruit

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As captivating as it is she seduces you, the sweetest and ripest fruit, she calls your name and without further thinking you find yourself under the sheets undressed, your senses have awakened but
the harm is already done

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



Temptation sneaks behind you watching every step you take and patiently laying in wait for your lustful desires that be cloud your mind but your little morality wards off the evil thought.

You want your imagination to become a reality but you don't really bother about it trying your best to ward off your mind from such dangerous thought and occupy your mind with something more reasonable.

Just a step further and you both collide her alluring appearance ,her sweet fragrance, and her beautiful but very tempting lips your heart skip a beat but you try your best to be calm thinking she is the beautiful princess in your dream, your lustful desires awaken and you end up being friends.

Her cleavage is very seductive and tempting as both men from far and wide as fallen but have not been able to lay a hand on her she lubricates their sex appeal and leave them both injured and tasty for her.

Her butt has a magnetic field around that lures men around her as she triumphs over them making them a slave to her ;so many has fallen to her temptation as they warn him flee from her and don't let your folly drive you into stupidity but his folly has already gotten a better half of him and his morality is in the desert taking a spirit walk to lead him back to himself but he won't agree.

She throw a glance at him, and makes all sort of reactions to drive him wild and obsessed with seduction he responds knowing her prey will soon be caught, she lays bait inviting him for dinner to her house.

She dresses in a lingerie and dishes his food serving him like a king he thinks his charm is winning her over but unfortunately that's not the case his stupidity is losing him over and she pecks him.

Forgetting themselves they both start to fall in a trance each falling for the other person's charm they are both intoxicated by liquor and they are both longing for each other.

And without hesitation he kisses her sweet lips so softly and she kisses him back she can't withstand his touch and she gives herself as accompaniment for the dinner, he breathes in her ears and goes down touching her like no one else has done and licking her before the party begins and he gets a good hold of her after which they lay gasping for breath before they both drown away in sleep.

Woken by shock to feel a feminine body beside him he finds out he is not in his home, wishing and hoping that he hasn't done it he looks under the sheets and finds his nakedness staring back at him and like an injured lioness the girl screams looking at what she has brought upon herself they both look in pity but the deed has been done and the goods has been damaged.

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