the escape part 2

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Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



The Escape..Part Two A Story by bluessadmood


God how people could this life could be so strange..

Has anyone felt these moments like near death,not dying ,but getting away from everything that he has known..
and got accostumed to through his life..suddenly he feels he is losing it all,i have an idea dying is like that..
you feel among strange love ,no ne is near..even if they want to get close to you they could not
for you have crossed a borderline where no one could reach you,no one to hug or smile at,tells you everything is alright
you never feel the grounds under you ,its like you dont exist,no longer there among the living..
i felt like that on the plane to Yemen..there is nothing to look back at and nothing ahead of you..
nothing waiting for you..
its love who fills our heart then we feel safe and stable..
but i was going where no one will say hello..its like nearing death..i think death was always like that..a void
like you have awakened in a very deserted land,an outcast ,you were even doomed,no one will cry for you
no one will reach for you,they dont even know where you are or if you ever exist..i ve felt like that many times
Once when i was forcably taken away from home their felt like death ,though they may never knew it
they wanted you to feel fear ,but all i felt was nothing ,like dying..
you would find yourself like in an abyss..even their pain and torture they want you to feel
but it will not reach you..this is how i was feeling on that plane to Yemen..
one thing more ..the dream..i was so exhausted i felt like going to sleep
though i tried to keep awake..many times like this before i triend not to sleep
fearing what dreams i would see..
i dreamed..was at was after dark,but funny no one put the lights on
in front of me was my mothers room ..i hesitated but went ahead and opened her door..
she was sitting on her bed ,so quiet..strangle quiet even when she saw me
she just looked at me ,never said a word,no expression on her face,i never seen her like that..
suddenly she liked jumped at me ,her words loud saying what am i doing here..
i was in tears i told her i came back for you..but she just laughed and sneered at me..
and here i awoke..every body on the plane was asleep,and quiet ,only me,i was awake and crying..



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