Death By Mouse

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Horror.Humour Flash Fiction.Baby Talk!

Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



Death By Mouse


  Mum's trying to kill me again, she tried to drown me with Coca

Cola once, then she tried to kill me with a nail file, and then with a 

knitting needle, but I twisted my body away and escaped her

murderous probings. Then her boyfriend tried to kill me with that

thing of his, the positions they got in gave me a migrane!

  But now she's put a mouse up herself to eat me! Can you 

imagine your own mother trying to kill you with a mouse?

  I can feel its whiskers twitch against my skin, I can feel its hairy

body rub against mine, I can feel its sharp little teeth nibble on my


  I've had enough of this, I know mum doesn't love me. I know mum

wants to abort me, and I know she's too lazy to go to an abortion 

clinic. I realise  she has a phobia about doctors and anything medical,

but even been terminated at an abortion clinic would be better that

this, death by mouse!

  I can hear the mouse make its high pitched squeaking sounds

as it sinks its sharp rodent teeth further into my cute pink skin. I

try to bite back but I haven't any teeth. I try to grab it to strangle it

but my little hands are not strong. I'm so helpless, I'm been executed

by a mouse!

  But what's this I hear...Meow, meow...It's mum's cat, it's jumped 

up on her as she lays on her bed waiting for the mouse to do its


  Meow! Meow! The cat has moved between her open legs. Meow! 


  Watch out mouse the cat's coming in... The cat's coming in to get

you! Ha Ha Ha! 

  Meow! Meow...



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