Ode to Honey

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Submitted: May 28, 2018

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Submitted: May 28, 2018



You are the golden, glorious amber

Of the age-old papa trees.

You are the precious treasures

Which the worker bees chanted and murmured about.


Crystal clear with a tinge of gleaming sunflower yellow,

Transparent with a bright stain of cheerfulness,

You are the sweet rain-washed morning air,

Your scent as clear as playful brooks racing about in the forest,

Brisk breezes carrying a whiff of apples and vanilla.

You smelled of the wildest of wild blossoms,

Sweetest of luscious berries.


But your tastes are the most delicate,

Flowery weaved with a sour fruitiness,

Herbaceous embroidered with woody tastes.

Sometimes like butterscotch candy,

Other times pungent and spicy.

Sometimes fresh and cool,

Other times rich and warm.


Gleaming and glistening under the golden plate’s dazzle

As you flow through the trees and forest,

Flow alongside the brooks and streams,

Your golden amber dreamt by the honeybees,

Your sweet aroma lifted and carried away.

By the whispering breezes,

Your divine tastes still intricate-

An unsolved riddle.

As you ran through my fingertips,

Rolling together brightness and serenity

Smooth as thread,

Sleek as silk,

And even softer than the racing clouds,

In the vast blue sky.


© Copyright 2018 Rosalind A. Hsieh. All rights reserved.

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