Something's left to give

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Submitted: May 31, 2018

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A champion, I learnt to define it in a nutshell the day I was ready to handover my success, not out of sympathy but out of love. They day has turned out to be an overwhelming memory. Rebecca and I were learning all the skills by heart. None of us were inept and therefore we knew all the skills to defeat our opponents. Those ninety minutes running behind the ball frantically and the sweat that fell on the ground warned me about my energy level going down. Football was never a herculean task for me. Sometimes sitting under the tree to get shed and sometimes panting made me look like a hungry tiger. Everything was going well untill our football sir decided to exchange Rebecca with Sana, a girl from the opponent team. She tried her level best to return and I could see tears rolling down her cheeks but there was nothing I could do. That was the last day I saw her on the ground before the match. After a lot of hardwork and practice finally the day of the finals arrived. The grasses were waiting for my spikes to brush through. The whistle blew and all started chasing the ball. One aim, one dream- to send the ball to it's destiny. The destiny was not too far not too near. I felt as if the whole world was blank and I was the only fish swimming in the aquarium for food. Slowly time passed. The last fifteen minutes arrived, not a single point. I went closer to the ball, I was just going to kick when a familiar face came just infront. Just a kick and it would reach it's destiny. "Should I kick but she is my bestie. No! But I should! " I could see the river of memories infront. "Listen to your brain not your heart" I murmered and kicked the ball. I sat on the ground, not knowing where it went. The whistle blew, the game was over. I looked up and was flabbergasted to see the ball in it's destiny. Inside the goalpost! The best player's champion was handed over to me and when I was asked to speak something, I said, " It's not mine. It's Rebecca's because her efforts were no less." Rebecca stepped forward and shouted, " A champion! Listen to your brain not your heart! I wanted it! You deserved it! "

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