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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



when i was born

Mom died while she was giving birth 
I was the one she brought to life 
I took my first breath from her last
She was the first thing I lost before I hast
I was crying as if I knew I took her soul
I saw my dad's heart becoming an empty hole
I came to this world and I was already alone 
My wounds reached all way through my bone
Dad said i have my mom's eyes but they were sad
Sometimes I feel it was my bad 
Death took her before she sees my face 
And that's a memory I'll never embrace
I'll never forgive myself for what I've done
I saw darkness before I saw my sun 
Mom if you are watching me tonight 
I hold your picture so tight 
I know you will say It's too late I should fall to sleep
One day we will meet and that's a promise I'll keep



It wasn't a break-up !
It was time for me to wake-up 
You think you broke my heart !
No, you wrote me a new start 
You think you left me all alone !
No, I don't care if you are gone 
I know that you didn't love me for real
Even if I'm hurt, wounds always heal 
I won't make a sad post on Facebook
No, you won't give me the pity look
I won't call you using a private number 
Last time I was sad... Emm, I don't remember 
I won't cry at night, actually you will
I'll go over you so stay still
I didn't lose you, you lost me 
Good luck wherever you'll be
I don't hate you and definitely I don't love you
It's considered as a feeling too
That's why I feel nothing towards you butterfly 
You left and I won't ask you why !
All I know is that I put you up so high



I speak English but I'm not American 
I'm Algerian and also an African 
I was born in the third world 
I can scream but I won't be heard 
I was born in a cage, in a jail 
I try to succeed but they make me fail 
Nothing here works for us
This world is a painful mess
Here, we don't sail to fish 
But to reach the other side as a wish
Our future is no more than just a victim 
Because of a bad educational system 
Rich class is getting more wealth 
Our hospitals ruins your health 
I'm not complaining or saying lies 
I'm just smart enough to realise 
I belong here and that's a fact 
We all know the truth but still won't act
Here, money buys happiness 
They control us as a game of chess
We are all thinking about the family we've to feed
But what they brought us was drugs and weed
These words may cause me troubles 
Because they fear that I'm one of the rebels

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