There Was A Girl Name Nika

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Inspired By The Lyrics of Nika Ski me Dite

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




Inspired By The Lyrics of Nika

Ski Me Dite

There was a girl name Nika

Mental sickly, yet, demonic paganistic 

Lucky number seven

Hell, for her, never will see the throne of heaven

The falsehood poetry witch queen

One who writes poetry lines for a vein hit of anxiety without the silver screen

Old bags of white sand and sags

Who is this you may ask

Woman to woman here is your day to shine

Let’s play a little game, and please don’t write those same old washed-up lines

If you can’t sit back and provide the cheese and wine

Then you’re wasting this sista’s intellectual time

You talk of most in such a derogatory way

Spitting fire about defamation of my butter rum character meant to slay

Not after today

Eyes are everywhere

Unfortunately, one most breathe your same air

Oh, foolish me, snakes from hell don’t breathe positive air, they sliver without care

Ivory Queen, it’s time you face the wrath that festers inside of me

Bringing Helen of Troy down to her arthritic knees

What better way then penned under Steamy Kemy, writing as I please

California coast

Wrong Haitian Creole sista to negatively boast

How dare you

You must be that bored to troll and then have the audacity to attempt to mentally slew

Not today, now we do things my way

You dealt with a cat, now you deal with the tiger

Out of the pan and now into my raging fire

Hum, could you be a female dog in heat, no one’s male companion

You picked your poison now you stand within the lair of my twisted dominion

A woman who stands on the corner and sells sugary lines for a foul stench of white trash

To old to even bend over to give up cobweb ass

Outdated, pink ribbon lines, living in her own dreamy mind

Lies of a mamba death of a handsome man of French designs

Liar and a blond haired fraud

Mentally flawed, you are one crazy mental ditsy broad

I dedicate this week of poems as your just due

Here is BOGO free agenda I have laid out just for you

For just $19.95, you can have any theme you want

Under my pen, I will use my sarcasm, as you so called noted, when I’m finish, your appellation will be nonchalant

You have lost your damn mind!

No sweetheart, I am highly educated, tender all over, conceited with my looks and lean femininity body, tight upon a silken entry, and all pink and moist inside

Ask your son when he played such sweet music to me, as he slipped his hard family jewels inside for a thrilling ride, whereas, throughout the night they emotionally resided

Such a breathtaking moment, as our souls entwined, bodies hungrily collided, I rained, he released, and then he cried

Sadly, he came from the womb of a snake

But hey, I wasn’t complaining as he was slipping and Butter Rum dipping

Pillow talking after the sheer bliss, he told me he was a result of his mother being raped, as she was on a blind threesome date

I told him, now I see why she trolls pages, and mentally debates

A woman scorned for the abuse of her own lame life song



Happy Hunting



YouTube; Nika - Ski me dite 




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