We should ponder peace

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A poem that no one seems to want to publish so here it is for you guys.

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



 We should ponder what is peace?

 Is peace our Golden Fleece?

 A task of divine obligation and mythical impossibilities.

 Is peace only truly experienced by those that have suffered fatalities?

 Or maybe it’s the moments when all cares are shed.

 Or possibly, like some say, peace is a state of mind.

 I have read Zen practices declare peace is in your own head.

 Though, frankly, it seems to me that trauma leaves scars behind.

 The type of chronic suffering that would preclude any sense of sedation.

 Wounds of this magnitude make one wonder if individually there is any chance of emancipation.

 As in emancipation from psychic violence.

 Horrors recurred mentally with minimal variance.

 Maybe we can find peace in the lack of violence and aggression.

 No more killing and no more dominance.

 No oppression.

 No violation.

 So, that would seem impossible and Sisyphean.

 When humans are just so mean.

 So extreme in aggression and territoriality.

 These are no excuse.

 These do not recuse.

 For we are obligated to strive for inner and outer peace.



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