ohh life how wonderful you are

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




A Story by bluessadmood


i do not know ,I let the events go as they fit,but i think everything is strange as it came out

This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.
Mary was and gentle ,I saw her at work , I fell for her, so I asked her to marry me and she accepted. 
we lived some happy lovely years, I really got so accustomed to dear Mary ,I would leave work just to almost run home ,to my sweet haven ,she would even spoil me ,I would feel like a king the minute I walk in ,she will be so happy to see me ,it's like seeing me for the first time ,she made everything to make me happy and I was I would not know how my life would be without Mary, she became everything to me ,I could not see my life or the world without her .at days when she would go see her parents ,the house looked so lonely and ugly ,I got used to her movements around the house ,if I could not hear her walking around I would go see her and make sure she was there, in short Mary really haunted me ,she was my life, my everything. 
one day I was at work ,working hard so the hours will pass by quick so I head home to my sweet haven ,where Mary is waiting for me ,yes I was so obsessed with her and I loved her ,she was the best thing ever happened to me. 
I was so engaged in work when the door opened ,my head between piles of papers ,so I looked up to see a young girl in her twenties ,she was dressed so nicely to even look so out of place ,and my God she was so beautiful... 
I kept looking at her ,waiting to see what she wanted ,she too looked me long in the eyes ,before she cleared her throat and said ,Ah mister ,I wonder if you could help me ,they sent me here,I have a house and there was a problem about taxes ,so they told me I had to come here. 
I said come in please be seated, which she did, I could not but see how high up her skirts went up her thighs while sitting ,but she was so at ease ,even enjoying herself like she was sitting in some great grand hotel room, not in a shaggy room in some very old building ,so I went through her papers ,I was very experienced in those matters of taxes ,so right away I said ,I had to see the place before I give an estimate of how much the house was worth and things like that and I said we could do it in a few days if she could come to take me see the house may be tomorrow. 
when I looked at her ,I saw she was eyeing me so intently as if she never listened to a word I said ,she just kept looking at me and seemed so far away in thought ,suddenly she said ,how old are you .I was surprised at her question, I did not know what to say except saying ,why do you ask ,what has my age to do with all this .. 
Again she took a long look and said, you look a bit tired but I like the way you look at people, you have a very nice eyes!!!! 
I was amazed and surprised, what's she saying, I said, listen dear, you are not here to talk about me, and made it sound like I am joking in a friendly way. 
here she stood up ,and said ,yes I know, sorry I just could not help saying that ,your eyes are so nice that's all ,I wanted to say I don't have time to come again ,so please if we can go now and I will show you around my house so you can make the estimate ,I will be so thankful, she said. 
there was something strange and nice about her ,and she was still young so I said it's just childish behavior ,I should not be mad at her ,and I have to help in any way I could, so I said,ok we can go though I am so tired but let's do it and finish it maybe in few days. 
She was happy at my words and thanked me and said ok let's go then, I have a car, we will be there in a short time. 
oh my God, it was like castle, I was amazed the minute I went in I was so absorbed in looking around the house, I completely forgot all about her, so as I turned to see and talk to her, I saw she was stretched on a couch in a very sexy way, she had went in her room and changed into some clothes it was tight shorts and a bras, that's all.. 
I thought I would just ignore her, and I went to see the rooms and finish my work ,and told myself ,I would leave as quick as I could ,Mary must be worried about me ,I am a little late than usual today ,I am sure she was upset. 
I was so busy, checking everything the walls, the state of the whole building, I did not notice she was right behind me, when I turned around, she has removed all her garments away, and stood naked in front of me. 
I said ,listen dear ,you do not know me ,I am happily married ,I love my wife ,you are young ,the world is full of nice men... 
I was going through my talk actually looking away; for her body was so nice I feared I would lose control, in a way... 
She came close and kissed my mouth, I thought again if I would go along a little with her game maybe I will convince her I was not the type, nor in the mood for a romantic adventure. 
she took my face in her hands and looked straight in my eyes,and said ,when I came into you room a few hours ago ,I meant work ,after I saw you ,I dismissed all work from my head ,now all I want is you... 
I looked back and said ,you could be my daughter if I married early ,I love my wife ,you are so young, it's not nice it's,its not decent, please let me finish my work and leave. 
she said ,do you love her that much ,I mean your wife ,is she pretty as me, but even though how will she know ,I know you like me ,don't fool me I could see you stole some looks at me now and then ,come on let's have some fun ,nobody will know, nobody will hurt, you seem so tired, life has not been good to you I could see that ,let's have fun ,you can always go to your wife like nothing ever happened, and you can come here every now and then I would love it, I liked you the minute I saw you.... 
we kept arguing for a while, until I thought she will win ,here I told her ok let me finish work and go ,I may come back again and we will see, but she said: NO 
So we just simply did it….. 
After that I went home, I went right to my room, I lied down, Mary she saw me crying faintly, she sat down on edge of the bed. 
I raised my head and made it rest in her lap, and cried, I said dear Mary, I was cruel to you, I betrayed you and I betrayed your trust in me. She just kept massaging my head with her hands, saying it's O.K dear, I know ,I know she kept saying that, I thought it queer and odd thing to say-so I raised my head and looked into her eyes,I could some tears too. 
It's O.K ,she said ,she is my sister, you don’t know her, she left home one day and married a rich guy, who died in an accident, I told her ,yes i told her about me and you, I could not conceive, doctors said, so,so she agreed, so dear it's not your fault. 
I wanted you to have a child, but I could not push you into another woman's arms, it will be hard on me, few tears came to her eyes, so I thought ,she said in a crazy tone ,of my sister,she could do the job ,at least she is my sister. Now I can raise your child and hers and he will be like mine,yours and hers,and gave a crazy laugh... 
I kept looking at her surprised and thrilled and not knowing what to say, then she said in a low voice, please dear ,you will have to go there many times,you know so you do it some more..... until you make sure she conceives…..yes i want the bitch to get pregnant 
I just did not know what to say, I kept looking at her, this is one side of Mary I never knew before, My God, I said faintly, but dear this is wrong, you are playing the role of God, I said,to myself i thought i think she has got out of her mind.... 
There was a pause, Mary was looking in front of her, and her gaze was strange and said: but I am God dear, we women are the Gods, we create, she said in a queer voice, we will make you a child. 
I thought there was something wrong, so I said what's that dear, you look strange, are you sick. 
She just gazed in front of her and looked at me, and said in strange voice, yes dear, off course, I am ok, 
I thought this weird and wrong, but I started something and I will finish it, so I kept going to her sister's place, it took me a few weeks then she conceived,i had to make sure the bitch was pregnant like mary said ,oh my God they are both crazy ,and i think they are driving me out of my mind too, and in a few months we had a child, I just could not believe what we are doing. 
But we went on living like before, even her sister would visit us,sometimes she would stay with us for weeks ,when Mary was not around her sister would come to my room and i had to comply,and more and more it seemed like we three lived together, I still think there was madness in all this,yet there was such sweet crazy relation between the three of us,i never knew where all this is leading us ,i just watched and waited...

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