strange love affairs part one

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




A Story by bluessadmood


most events here really took place ,i have to keep names and places not mentioned

This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

I came at a new place, for work, in a clinic. It was in some gulf state. I was never happy about it, though I worked hard to get that job, so I could support myself.
She was the first thing that struck me, a female doctor. She looked completely out of place, you can see them all with deep tanned skin, and filthy looking.
She was blonde, pretty, long nice hair, high stature and well built, but a very nice looking body, just like a model. I always wanted to look at her nice face whenever I had the chance, though I was not really fond of her, I even hated her though she was in the same bag as me, but I always thought, what a beauty. What has she come here for, to the land of slavery?
Later, I knew she was from one of the past republics of the Soviet Union, I think Ukrainian but was really dazzled by those blue eyes, deep blue like the sea, very nice body and very pretty like most that come from those areas.
Then I had a few words with her now and then. She used to ask me a lot about medical issues and difficulties she had with some patients. She knew I was good. Medicine and surgery in Iraq was good, in the eighties and early nineties then it went down, then worse and worse. So she found a great help in me, I could not but help her in everything and with every patient.
She was lovely and lonely. I felt somewhat sorry for her.
They were using her and she was using them. They deserved it and she somewhat deserved the humiliation she faced.
So illiterate people and patients, that her looks and dreamy sad eyes, in a white coat of a doctor would make her look like a professor. She had a strong personality, but I knew deep down she was very much shaken, sadly saying, its her vulnerability that added to her beauty and sensuality, especially when she used to open up to me. She was cautious of me at first.
She said she detested all Iraqis. They were good at their job, she said, but they would help only for something in return and if they did not get it, they might hurt. She said even sometimes because they were brilliant at their work and admitted she was never that good. She said she would ask for help and they would gladly do it but they were very impolite. One of them, she said, once slapped her butt, jokingly, she was mad but she could say nothing, only said please behave yourself. He never even apologized for it.
She said once they made an arrangement with the boss of the clinic- she got a tip from a nurse- one of them Iraqis pledged they will all have her in bed in a short time. The manager was so satisfied. They made life like hell to her, only it happened that they moved away before I came in, they immigrated to another country so her nightmare was gone for a while...

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