Am I Alive?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I coulda been a teacher or a doctor or a mother or a nurse.
Children are a gift: We are not a curse.
You were there once: how would you have felt
If your mother had chosen to wipe you out?
What kinda parent does that to their kid?
What kinda parent says "Yeah, Let's get rid!"?
You're sick!

That little creature inside of you,
Don't you know she's human too.
A life of your own;
A life of her own.
"Her body, her choice!"
Say that in your loudest voice

Why don't you realise
it's your kid's body not your own.
You can't kick her out from her home.

When does life truly begin?
Is it when we realise what an evil world we're living in?
Or is it that moment, that precious little moment when we're conceived?
What else could possibly be believed?

There's so many women out there,
Who try so hard but never succeed:
They just want a kid to call their own,
Why don't you let them have yours Instead of making their hearts bleed?

Alive, but not yet born.
She's alive,
He's alive,
They're all alive
Just not yet born.

We should all have equal rights,
That's one thing women fought for:
Rights for your unborn daughter.

And there are plenty of alternatives.
All much safer than murdering your kids:
If you don't want them,
Remember an alternative option:
If you don't want 'em
Is that you put them up for adoption.

"Beo gan breith":
"Alive but not yet born"
That is the Irish phrase for "Unborn".
And "Fetus" is the Latin word for "Offspring".
These words are such as they are for a great reason.

There's so much death and destruction on this planet,
Why do you have to join in where you need not?

You fight for your right to kill an innocent being.
I fight for their right to live

Submitted: May 29, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Theresa Maria. All rights reserved.

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