strange love affairs part two sequele

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




A Story by bluessadmood


this really took place ,i left names and places not mentioned,

This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.


She sat with her vodka sprawled on table.

she said you know I am getting tired of here ,I left my husband  and two children back there, I miss them a lot ,I usually phone them just to hear their voice ,I send letters ,but their father never writes back .

she looked sad and looked ahead as if dreaming and said oh if I could just ...if I saved enough money to buy me a house or maybe save some money to live decently then I would not stay one more day here...

I just drank some vodka and listened, I was afraid of what's coming on..but i always liked listening..maybe thats my problem,i always felt sorry when others seem to feel hurt...

then she said ,now in a low voice just like a whisper ,she said ,you know I have never been touched by a man for 3 years now ,I really miss the touch of a man I loved ,the last words were so low I could hardly hear ,

so I said: I know how hard it is to be away from loved ones like your husband ...I really did not like the way our talk was taking course, I think she was also getting a little drunk ,but it was why she came to my room all along ...

so she said no I really miss the touch of a man ....right now, she was a little ashamed of what she said, I must admit..i think now she was really drunk, so she kept looking down at her drink and said again yes I would like some love, I feel so lonely, I like someone to take me in his arms, a warm touch of a promise me to take care of me for the coming days..that i dont have to worry no more about tomorrow..i would like a shoulder to lay my head..and he stroking my hair..and telling me sweet words..that i should never fear as long as he by my side-now i thought like she was really dreaming-

I was always trying to make her think I am listening and taking her words as a feeling of loneliness being away from home.

here she stood up as to refill my cup with more vodka, she knelt over my shoulder her night dress opening revealing all her breasts, it was so short it came so high up her thighs, my God she was so beautiful in that faint light, and she looked at me and smiled a very special inviting smile she was almost all over me, and kept like that making long efforts to wipe some spilled drink on the table..

then she made a sudden turn and came to sit in my lap..she was so drowsy she almost stumbled and fell onto me..i could see she liked it ..but i was embaressed but kept silent..

she sat at her ease and took my head in her arms..after a pause she sughed ..and said smiling and almost laughing as booze is takingcontrol all over her mind..she went why do i really like i thought that way the first time i saw you..oh i really envy women in your country never let them worry about living ..i am sure women..your women will just sit like a queen and you will support and provide she leaned her head over mine..she was really drunk now..i wish i could be an arab woman..she laughed long..ha ha ha

here i said i think you are too drunk should go to your room..

no please i like it here and here she began to sob..muffled sobs..then it was like crying softly..i felt sorry for i began to think she was really feeling hurt..

she went on ..oh yes how i would love to be an arab..a married your wife maybe..she wastalking to herself she did not even look at me ..and went on..

i am sure you know how to treat me then..i want you to spoil when i come from work and my legs hurt you will massage  them for me..take me in your arms let me feel the warmth there..oh yes i know i could count on you..even if i fall i know your arms are there waiting for me..

when you came .i was so desperate..i was all know at times it comes to me that i take myself and get rid of the pain once and for all
then you came ..i remember when you first walked in .and that silly boss of ours was running right behind you ..he was like afriad of you ..i felt all the respect on that wonderful forhead of you ..i just liked to talk..liked to hear that voice but i stood away and peaked at your eyes ..brought my ears to listen to that lovely voice seemed to have everything under control..oh how i wished to come to to you..or you would just look at me
look into my eyes see the pleading in them ..then i thought maybe you would take a fancy in me
i swear at that time i was ready to be everything to you ..just name it i thought..
i heard a lot of things about you ..i wanted to support myself against your strength ..they told me a lot about you once even almost was jailed defending
that female doctor when they wanted to bring her down ..mar her reputation just to get to her ..i had the chance to speak to her ..
oh i had a wonderful idea about you before you came ..i never thought the world could be still so beautiful to have people like you still breathing under the same sky ..the same sky above..i just loved to hear about you..and when you came i was so happy ..i thought my troubles are over ..i thought i will stand by you ..i was sure you would have stood by me..why did i think that..i swear i even had a dream about you just the night before you came was like at dawn..and there were tears in my eyes i was crying a long corridor sobs seems to be carried through the air ..seems your ears ..sweet ears to have picked them up and you hurried to me..
you told me why cry ..but i was sure you knew for you took me in your arms ..i could feel that strength ..oh if you only i was happy to have you hold me so strong ..i could almost hear those strong words said not cry i will always be here from now on ..these pigs will never get to you
you told me promised me would have taken care of me you said ..i was so happy ..i was crying and laughing just at the same time ..i was behaving like mad..and i pushed my head deep into your chest i wanted to feel that strength ..i wanted to feel secure..and there and then ..i woke up ..i was so happy ..then i heard that you just was like a date with someone i already knew but never met before..

to be continued..


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