writing,part three

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




A Story by bluessadmood


Thoughts on writing..its like a lecture ,i think its stupid,hope you like

walk on by me ..i will show you lands i ve seen,lives i tried,pains and joys i lived
want to give you a hint of some very different life,you ve never seen before
i will take you high from earth you ve been rooted to ,for too long
then i would love to just let you go ,see if you crash,or come all unharmed
i want you to walk in my shoes for a while and tell me how it feels
for me it ached a lot ,very little joy i felt,but then the journey on whole 
was worth while..i want you to see and let me know how it sounded to you
its what i do ,i build up dreams from nothing,and smash them to pieces
its what i do..then i build some others just to see if i am getting any better
i never cared for this life,i just use the roads to take a different turn
every time i liked,i want to switch to speads ,fast and slow
just to feel ,everything different is what i seak
for really i dont want a thing ..i just need to feel different every moment in life
joy and sadness are nothing  ,they are just  two extremes..life and death 
are nothing..for lots that are living ,they dont know they are dead long time ago
i want to show you all this..and i want you tell me what you see..now its your turn


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