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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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A Story by bluessadmood


i was on tour ,i fell for a lady,it was like madness,she got a little mad too,probably thewhole atmosphere of Capri ,it a city for lovers

This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.


I was 20y old, it was half through college training. I thought I would for once go see Italy; it was a great inspiration just to see Rome.

It was sweltering hot in Mosul, so I worked quickly at it, in a few days I was in Rome.

I checked in a hotel, in the afternoon I would wonder in the streets, no one ever talked but Italian I was completely lost, I was getting mad.

I told myself once I get used to it may will get better for me, but no, I was getting depressed and lonely every day. I was walking one early morning never knowing where I am going ,its just by a chance I came to a tourist company ,yes I always told myself such tourist countries like Italy must have lots of travel companies .it was ITT ,very famous they had many different schedules. I met Miranda there ,the receptionist, she was very cute ,I could see those wide nipples below her flimsy transparent T shirt ,she looked at me all smiling eyes ,I was in my prime youth ,no bragging all women who had a first look ,they will surely had their eyes fixed on me for a while .

so I asked Miranda ,very beautiful English accent she had ,I gave her a tip ,quite a big tip ,so I asked about the best places ,best trip schedules includes hotel facilities ,and all meals ,breakfast ,dinner and supper and bed .So she gave me lots of choices ,one was Capri ,I said yes I would take that .Miranda was so generous with me as to put me on a bus in half an hour ,3 hours ride ,to Capri .I was there ,the tourist guide ,said the best thing to do is take a boat ride to the caves ,these are the best things to see ,the best must see trip by boat .

So I found myself in a boat with 2 British ladies, one in her early thirties, the other, in her late twenties.

the thirties lady was so pretty very wide eyes ,flannel flimsy summer dress to her knees ,the waves was so high, seagulls were roaming overhead ,making big noises along with the cries of the mad waves there was a very cold strong wind to go along with the rest,the boat would rise and come down so heavily to crash on the waves I thought we would capsize ,and no telling about it ,the lady in her thirties ,was very worried about her dress ,the wind was so high too ,each time there is a gush of wind that would send her dress high up ,and she would tuck it down to her knees ,once she was caught unaware ,so all her beautiful body unto her neck was shown ,she had some lovely legs ,all pants and white bras and everything were shown .she looked at me as if to see how much did I see a bit shy she was,I never looked away from her she was a little annoyed  , obviously she thought ,I saw everything .

,she was a bit sore for once then all of a sudden there was a big wave I thought the boat had lost all balance,the sea like has gone mad, if I was not quick to catch her arms she surely would have gone off the boat to the raging waves.

Thank you, she said, half laughing ,wow, I almost got underwater,she went on ,I hope you know how to swim. I could sense the sudden interest ,I said in a pretty good accent, no dear ,I don’t.

My God she said, this really worries me, I should not have taken this trip, yes sorry ,she said, my name is Mary and this here is my friend, jenny, so where you from, she was almost shouting, otherwise she could never be heard the noise from the raging sea, the flying birds will deafen anyone.

So I shouted louder, I was from Iraq ,I said ,she took that for a moment ,then said ,where is Iraq, by then it was never in the news ,then she said oh yes where the oil comes right,

Yes, I answered.

I could see there was a mounting curiosity going into some mild interest.

She looked ahead for awhile, and then shyly she said where you are staying?

In a hotel downtown, I answered

She hesitated ,then after a while she said ,we lodge in a good hotel ,would you like to join us, it's a good place ,I could tell the last words were said ,in some agitated voice, I think she took a fancy on me .

As I said I was nice looking at that age and women in their thirties look sad and lose their minds at such youth when they remember that getting old is a fact.

I said ,I do not know, i like fancy hotel ,actually I was pretending ,and was playing games with her ,the poor woman ,I was getting cruel somehow , I knew she was interested ,so I was playing the role of the tough guy.

The boat was getting near to the inside of the caves, the sun rays will go through the water and to come out inside the caves to reflect on its walls it's like artificial lightning great view really.

Still it was somewhat dark inside, I could see her shift her self a little she was nearer ,I could feel her face getting so close to me ,everyone was engaged in some activity ,for the scenery was really great inside the cave ,I was bold enough to kiss her cheek and whisper to her ears ,I like you a lot dear lady, I was expecting a very rough answer though I was not sure ,things were taking a quick pace.

But to my surprise, she turned towards me and brought her mouth so near; I would be very impolite if I did not do it.

So I just took that mouth and gave her a very strong kiss, I could see she was almost dazzled and almost lost her way with words ,she just whispered ,I could only hear her voice ,I like you a lot,she said ,I do not know what's wrong with me ,the poor woman as beautiful as she was really got unsure of what she is doing.

I have never talked to strangers specially from overseas, and in half an hour I find myself sitting with them exchanging kisses, I think I am going crazy ,but I also think I love you and I want to take you to the hotel ,you can have a room there.

Oh the dear lady she was so hopeless, its probably the age difference ,my looks ,oh yes I said it ,at the time I was a real womanizer if I wanted ,but I never did ,but in this instance I really felt something ,I really liked her .

But as crazy as I am I still played some games on the poor lady, for now I was sure she fell head over heals for me.

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