My call to motivation

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i wrote this poem so that this message reaches everyone out there who are lost and those who want something or someone to be by their side , to help them , to guide them to safety , to let those
people know that giving up is not an option , they have to stand up and try , if you fall , then try again so this is a poem to inspire you ..

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



When you try searching for the light

When you don't know the wrong from the right

When you don't know which way to go

When you don't know what you want to do

Lost in the maze of confusion

Stuck in your own illusion

So for every lost person out there

Who are being chased by this nightmare

You are worth much more

Than you will ever know

Have a dream , chase it

Have a role , play it

So find your burning flame

For nothing will ever stay the same

For every person out there with a dream

Nothing is impossible as it might seem

Many of us reached our goals & that's nothing new

For that is something you also can do

You just need to believe

For what you can perceive

You're different , you're special

You're unique and an original

Chase the stars

treasure your scars

Even if you're lost and confused

Even if you're hurt and bruised

Find your flame and your fire

Know what you want and what you desire

Life is a matter of choices

It is not about the voices

That you hear here and there

They will not get you anywhere

Every chance stands before you

So think of what you want to do

Find your truth

What will you choose?

Find what you seek

Know that giving up is for the weak

Don't lose yourself in the maze of the unknown

So that you won't regret what you've done

Follow your dream and keep on believing

So that one day you'll find what you've been seeking

Your scars are your source of pride

God and strength are on your side

Raise your head up & look at the sky

Let go of your past, bid it goodbye

Reach higher for the stars

Maybe the world could be yours

This is my call to motivation

To be your source of inspiration

© Copyright 2019 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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