romance and pain

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Romance And Pain

A Story by bluessadmood


some are just not made for love



Romance with lots of pain

I knew her all the way ,since I set foot on that wonderful island when she first asked me if I was really from Iraq ,and she laughed ,and joked that she was also from Mars ,when I affirmed what I said ,she just looked at me with stunned eyes ,not believing ,you are joking right, she said .No ,I went on…

She just kept looking, now very silent ,there was a long a pause ,I could look in those beautiful blue eyes ,she was so tall ,very nice looks ,eyes so wild and lively ,yes I was drawn and accustomed to her looks and to her face ,she really broke my heart every time I looked at her from afar ,but then she would eye me every while ,I really wondered...

So there was a long pause when she said ,so you are from there , but I heard no one is left there ,I thought everybody died in a while ,then there was another pause where she kept looking at me ,yes she said ,it serves you right ,you fought the whole world ,then her lips quivered and eyes gone moist ,I could hear, see muffled sobs ,then she said so faintly ,no ,no really I never meant it dear ,I am sorry, you never deserved that, I heard from my sister once she worked in Iraq ,she told me ,you were nice people,oh yes they never let you live ,but surely they want you all dead ,now there was almost wild tears ,and cries ,tell me , she said, there are so many like you from there, like us human ,with everything, hands legs ,nothing missing ,I heard there were some horrible things from there,oh dear how could you stand all this and still in your right senses, do you really still feel like us ,do you love, could you love me ,I saw you look at me once ,but I dismissed it ,now that I know ,how could you love ,I think all you do is hate ,do you hate me ,but I love you dear I could take you in my arms give all the kindness in the world and protect you from the so much pain you surely feel ,what have you done to deserve all that ...

We were standing at the entrance to the emergency rooms, under a small roof that kept us dry from the raging rain, as now ….

 it was raining like mad, as if the skies were also sad and crying, the rain, the heavenly tears ,that's why I think I went down the rain so it fits me well, I was near her ,I was looking in front of me and I kept silent all the while ,then seeing the rain ,I was taken by the great sight, the rain kept pouring on the all around you high green grass, all the tall trees, the sight was great I felt myself very unworthy of the going on sad talk ,I took some steps into the rain, I did not know what I was doing she must think I was going mad, I was a mess now, all wet ,but I just liked to feel wet and having that rain falling on me and I turned around to her ,I looked at her ,she was somewhat baffled at me ,her eyes looking suspicious, that I could have gone mad ,I took a long look at her and smiled in a very silly and loony way ,you think I am mad ,I said ,yes I think so dear, I went on, sometimes I got these wild fits ,I am sure I am crazy somehow ...

she looked back and was very alarmed ,I think she wanted to pacify my feelings and smiled ,I could see it was a forced smile for I could see she was really alarmed at what was going on ,and said ,come on dear, come back from the rain ,you will mess up your clothes and hair, and your soul ...

I looked back ,no ,I said ,leave me here ,you go back in ,I will not bring my troubles onto you ,I am really troubled in mind, I want to stay in the rain ,and I kept smiling that very unhealthy smile ,very surprisingly ,she came into the heavy rain ,took my arms and took my head in her hands and kissed me strong ,it was the sweetest thing I ever felt in a while ,I just kept looking at her eyes ,now I could not hold my tears any more so I let myself into a frenzy cry ,she just kept kissing me on my cheeks like trying to wipe the tears away ,and she hugged my tight ,I was so happy while still crying ,it was very mixed feeling ..

Here she pulled at my arm and took me back to the back yard of the building, this is the back door to my room, she said, and she went in and pulled me inside, and closed the door.

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