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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




A Story by bluessadmood


things went so fast

This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.


At last the boat ride came to an end. I was the first to go off board the boat ,it was so unsteady and I thought it gentlemanly to help my friend Mary, out of the boat, so I extended my arm to her ,she jumped and caught my arm ,I made sure to stand right on the edge ,so as she jumped ,she came right into my arms, her color all changed to crimson red ,and she for a while felt so agitated in my arms ,I could see her friend did not like the way things were going.

But I could feel Mary excitement at our sudden and quick encounter .Once she regained her composure, she whispered to my ears almost imploring to come along with them to the hotel, and have a room there, she went on, I would like you to be by my side, we would have a wonderful time, going around town and everything, she said.

Wow here I knew I got her entangled to my strings, so I was a little wicked and naughty ,I thought I would play a little at her emotions and nerves, I did not really know why I am doing that, I just did it.

I told her,OK dear ,I will come see your hotel, I think its not good enough the way you described it ,I was really getting naughty, and snobby, I was never like that ,and I could never lodge in a hotel very grand as I lied to her, I just went on with my game, it was crazy,always playing therole of the- hard to get- guy.

She was more agitated and excited when we got to her hotel .I did draw a very unsatisfied look on my face, and said, Oh dear what a hotel how can you live here.

She was so desperate to prove otherwise just to keep me beside her, she said, it may look like that from the outside, come, come she said have a look on the inside, you will really like it, so she took me to her room. We were alone there, after a while I kept looking around and just sat down on the big bed ,I must say to myself the room was quite good, very well furnished.

I could see she was very disappointed ,I was sure she was expecting me to take her in my arms right after we closed the door, oh she did not know I wanted that much more than she did, I was still playing the silly game ,and to top all that ,I said no, this is notthe hotel that I stay in.

she just stood there ,at loss with words ,I was looking down at the floor as if I lost something and looking for it,I did not want to look at her ,no not now ,not yet .

Then casually I said with out looking at her ,I would like to shower ,is it ok I went on ,the bathroom is it good and clean ,she just eyed me with surprise then she got hold on herself she must have thought i just wanted a way to get out of there ,and simply i was just getting nice to her,apparently the dear lady ,came to think this was not the grounds she is supposed to be walking on. So she changed her behavior to a friendly one, and said by all means, go to the bathroom, I will check for some drinks,.

I did not stay long, I came out a few minutes later .with nothing on, and I said: sorry, I did not find anything to wear, you do not mind, no?

She was amazed, did not know what to say, she said its ok, but I was sure it was not ok, her face was so feverish red she wanted to look but she could not, and even her words were so faint and not so fluent.

I let her take a look at me, but not directly ,only she stealing a look now and then ,I thought it was too much torture for the poor dear,so I put my clothes on, and came and sat by her side and took the drink ,and we kept silent.

then I said ,it was almost dark by then about 7 pm local time I asked  to take her to dinner, she just looked down .took long to answer ,I really wondered what she was thinking.

Ok she said lets go ,I would like some heavy drink ,she went on ,I am not feeling well,she hada disturbed look on her face, I was too hard on the beautiful lady ,I even asked myself ,what's wrong with you ,you stupid,

We sat in that restaurant mostly drinking, we stayed there for hours hardly speaking just few words here and there, and then we got up and left.

I said I would like to come with you and have a room at your hotel though as bad as it is but too late to go to my hotel room.

I saw she agreed but did not seem to  care much any more, I saw she just lost hope of anything that may come between us.

We reached her hotel she made arrangements to get me a room, I told her I would be thankful if she came with me to the room, only for an hour, please I said,

She laughed; off course don't be stupid I will come.

This time the minute I closed the door behind us, I took her in my arms, and gave her a long kiss, she was so happy she even cried and said, or you son of a bitch, you were deliberately pushing me away right?

I never answered, we were right in bed where she took me in ,it was by now as the game was over for me ,it felt so hot and strong she almost cried in joy like a baby ,,oh you ,she said, I could kill you right now ,but I love you so much you bastard ,you turned my day into a nightmare .I felt so guilty that I went on with my game too long ,she was made really miserable ,but now she is all joy, I held myself ,and said I want to fuck you, and looked deep into her eyes ,she looked me long too in the eyes and said oh yes fuck me you bastard,you think I will let you go before you do it ,fuck me till the morning light, or else. I will kill you and laughed but was suddenly stopped by a strong orgasm where she tensed in my arms for what I thought a lifetime ,then as she recoiled ,she laughed and said ,we finished number one ,you still, at this rate at least have 9 more to go ,bastard,

I love you I said

I love you too, you son of a bitch, she said laughing..I will never let go 

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