death as a woman

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Death as a woman

A Story by bluessadmood


how death will come ,in a very erotic shape,could be anything he will struggle with you .. may fail.. almost sure, may fail at times.. but then it might be interpreted very different

This Story is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Death came to me ,she was a woman,so pretty so nice..its time she said.. I looked surprised
And told her how could it be,so many things I have hanging on,could you spare me a day or two
And she laughed mocking me,as if it was up to me,she get you ready,prepare to leave..
I was so baffled,get ready how,I thought..take off your clothes she laughed for long..
At least spare me some dignity ..there was that smile on her,you could never tell
Was it sympathy or bitterness or just being I complied,and on bed I lied
where she came and lied over me..a kiss she gave,I wondered is it the way a soul is taken through our breath
It was lovely though felt so nice,and I counted that now its not for long that I will not feel no more
felt afraid for it was unknown fate waiting for hazy it was she looked as if undressed too
it must be their ways,never made love,never was it love but felt so deep in though I never was,so gripping she lay over me
So tight a grip still felt so nice,like a dream..not much long now,I knew before I leave
It felt so different like I bleed,and no control over me,still she was there kissing and laughing like mad
eyes like asking how it feels,just did not know for it took me long..still no pain,on contrary felt so sweet,her breaths over me
And I thought is it always like joy just before death..I wondered how could it be..she kept laughing all the time
suddenly her face all changed to black ,became so grim and so harsh..and said ,no way ,you are just too much alive for me to take
A job I could not do,a job never complete..I was stunned,I was the strong one ,she was the weak
I failed my mission she said,you are too strong for me,have to report it have to leave
Could you play with me,you are the only one who ever did so resist,I give up to you ,could you make love to me now..
there is so much yet to be said and done..
nothing ever complete ,its a loose end..wonder if ever there will be an end..



© 2010 bluessadmood

© Copyright 2019 bluessadmood. All rights reserved.

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