night call part one

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Night Call,Part One

A Story by bluessadmood


i was a stranger on a strange land



I did not want to write this

it was one cold day it was raining, it was night early night ,in that magical island, I had a night duty, I was feeling  blue ,I was away from all ,family and everyone I knew back home ,the feeling was so strong ,I was so oppressed, I did not know what to do ,I usually had these spells, not easy to break.

I was on the third floor, it was half through the night, I knew some nice nurses there, and two were really heart breaking.

They would come to my room for some advice or call me to see a case; we were like ghosts moving through the night, everything was sad for me really, if not for the nice faces of two breath taking nurses. Sometimes they call for me just to tease, I remember one in the 2nd floor, each time I look into her eyes ,I forget all my troubles away ,I sometimes joke with her ,I tell her I come here to forget ,myself and my life ,she just laugh and look at me in that lovely sweet way ,and says I know ,I know, I am here ,I will make you forget your world ,I said please do ,then she would eye me in that naughty way and say ,what is it you mean ,so I just look back and enjoy more of that lovely face ,but I pull myself away ,for I really do not know what I want from her ,or what's she really after me for.

I get a call now from emergency down on the first floor ,I feel so tired and not willing to move ,but I just look at my sweet friend ,and tell myself its better that way ,the spell was broken so I pull myself away ,saying to her: duty calls ,she looks somewhat mad but she tells me to my back :you wont run away from me ,you hear ,I am after you ,and I hear a faint laughing...

I walk down the stairs ,and come to the front building of the emergency and come to the front door while I am going in I look back at the driveway ,and head there ,there were lots of gardens ,the rain still went on ,and I just stood there ,where I could feel the rain drops hitting somewhat hard on a soul really feeling bad ,oh dear rain ,wash my decay ,I want to come out of here clear and clean ,I could feel the drops on my head ,its like I want to wash the dirt away, but no way could I do that ,as sweet as the rain was ,and the breeze from the sea hissing softly by my side bringing all the aroma from the lovely sea all around me ,its so nice I even cried a little ,I cannot see so much beauty in this world ,I feel numb all over and then I shake my self of such mad thoughts I bring a towel from a hand bag I carry with me wipe the tears and the rain drops ,and arrange myself a little ,and straighten my clothes and go inside.

The first face I meet , the second heartbreaker ,the nurse on the first floor ,there were two heartbreakers ,one on each floor ,I remember first meeting her when I joined the hospital staff, she asked me ,where you from deary ,I remember I just looked to that heavenly face ,I have really seen non like it before ,she was so tall, thin all legs ,face so different from others ,but its usually the eyes ,I just kept looking deep into them ,then I pulled myself back to realty ,I was still new by then everything seemed so strange and I said, I come from Iraq .I could never forget the way she just looked at me ,mouth gaping wide took long time to think over my words and said ,yes and I come from Mars, she looked as if offended her and waiting for me to correct my words and apologize ,but I just stood there helpless as if saying what can I say ,you could easily be from mars and I am from Iraq.

The long pause made her understand ,and said ,oh my God ,you really come from there ,I heard ,there is no one left there, they said you were all wiped from the face of earth ,and serves you right she cried at me and said ,serves you right ,fighting all the world around you and smiled ,I just stood there ,I did not know what to say ,I just kept silent , while she seeing me like that ,I could see tears in her eyes ,saying oh no my dear I was joking ,I know you were fooled in all the things you have gone through ,my sister worked in Iraq, she told me you are a peaceful people ,you just never had a chance live ,you only had a chance to die ,and now I was surprised ,tears were gathering so strong in her very beautiful eyes ,I just stood there like a jerk ,I did not know what to say ,I just said again and again yes dear ,I am from Iraq I was almost like in a trance, I said it three times ,she came near ,I was surprised she just took my head in her arms and kept looking at me ,oh thanks God you are alive are there so many like you ,never hurt with everything limbs ,legs and all sorts of things we human usually have ,now almost laughing and crying ,I could never forget that encounter ,that’s why I love that dear girl ,she is always in my heart and mind ,for she cares ,and there are not much who really care anymore these days.

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