Rewind my memories

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i wrote this at school when i was suddenly overwhelmed by various feelings after remembering my life back in saudi , where the place of all my memories reside , everything i experienced there , i
will never forget..

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



I am drifted by my memories

I am taken aback by my stories

Overwhelmed by all these little things

oh , what a feeling it brings

Living in the moment, here and now

Don't have an answer to why or how

Let me replay what time missed

Let me see how much was i blessed

Let me rewind

everything on my mind

Moments that are filled with pleasure and delight

Places that i have seen that were quite the sight

Dreams and hopes that i once held on

Nightmares & sadness that are now gone

Moments fade

memories are made

Everything I have done & said

Remind me of everything I did

Every moment I lived was precious

those when i was happy& those when i was anxious

Every sun that set , every person I met

Every place I went , every feeling I felt

I am standing on the edge

I took upon myself this pledge

To love and to forgive

to care and to give

As i crossed the line , tears started to fall

For my emotions were out of my control

live every moment as if it's your last

everything will be carved in your past



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