Imaginary Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes your imagination can run wild

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Her head was pounding.

She kept her hand pressed to her head as she closed her eyes wishing the pain away.

“Mommy, are you ok?” Lillian asked

She looked down at her daughter and her cupped face as she forced a smile.

“I’m ok baby. Mommy’s just got a headache. Get ready here comes the bus!” She grabbed Lillian’s hand. She looked around to make sure she had everything and that’s when she saw him. Wasn’t he outside of the bakery a few blocks back? She was suddenly worried at seeing the man in the billowing trench coat. Was he looking at her or was that her imagination?


She made her way quickly onto the bus thankful for the crowd of people. Finding her a pair of seats near the back giving Lillian the window seat she loved so much to watch out of. The sun was leaving its trail of warm golden hues as it set far off behind the encroaching buildings. The buses engine rumbling to life as it started up. The brakes slammed into place suddenly as the driver seemed to angrily swing the doors open. She had a hard time making out the words but the tone seemed angry enough.

To her dismay the man in the trench coat had walked in. He glanced at her, locking eyes, before making his way to the only available set several rows ahead opposite them. She tried not to notice but she kept feeling his gaze.

She was sure of it.

The headache wasn’t helping her any either. She had went to rub her head again but her nerves got the better of her and she turned the movement into simply brushing her hair aside. She didn’t want her eyes closed for any length of time with the man on the bus.

“Mommy!” Lillian looked out the window. “My friend is coming with us!” She yelled ecstatically.

“That’s wonderful dear.” She was always worried about Lillian and how often she saw her friend. She sighed deeply trying to ignore the head ache. “Is he running along side the bus?”

Lillian giggled. “No. He likes to fly.” She started looking up into the red wonder of the evening sky.

For a moment she looked up to caught in Lillian’s vigor for what was up in the sky. The only thing to see was the sky she admired so much. It was calming to look at something so beautiful that for a brief moment she forgot about how much her head hurt.

Lillian giggled again as she looked up at the sky, trying to get a better view. The movement caught out of the corner of her eye but the man was definitely watching them. Her heart quickened a little. Without trying to be obvious she slowly reached into her purse and began to rummage. She relaxed a little when she found the mace and quickly put on chapstick. She placed it back and sat with her hand in her purse clutched around the can of pepperspray.

“Mommy.” Her voice suddenyl filled with sorrow. Or was it fear?

“Yes, sweetie?”

Lillian began to cry.

“Baby, whats wrong?”

“The mean man says he wants me to go with him.”

She looked at the man in the trench coat with a sudden look that was a mix of anger and fear. He had talked to her? He had been around her before? Was he going to threaten them now?

Over my dead body. Her grip on the can tightened. The man was not longer trying to hide his glances and watched hers evenly.

Lillians tears grew quicker.

“NO!” she screamed. “Leave me alone!” her hands clasped over her eyes as she closed her eyes.

“Leave my daughter alone!” She raised the can as the man in the trenchcoat stood up. Voices and whispers suddenly erupted.

Something hit the roof. Everyone forgot the scene unfolding as their eyes glanced up to the sound of something heavy making its way across the rooftop. The only one who didn’t look was the man in the trenchcoat and he was making his way to the back of the bus.

“Mommy.” Lillian managed through her sobs. “Please don’t let him take you. You said you were my friend!” She screamed.

She sprayed the mace at the man that now threatened her and her daughter. Her surprised surpassed her fear. Was...the spray going around him?

Suddenly something tore through the metal roof like a warm knife through butter. In the fear and panic she grabbed lillian as explosions and flashes of light erupted around them. The sound of screams and flesh tearing. Through small glimpses she swore she saw a winged creature fighting the man in the trench coat.

The terrifying howl made her know it was no dream before roared again at the man and flew back through the roof.

“Quickly!” The men beckoned with his hand outstretched. “Come with me!”


© Copyright 2020 Rizzo7890. All rights reserved.

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