Born to be alone

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i am an introvert so i wanted to describe an introvert's view to our world and how extroverts see introverts in our world so to express that , i wrote everything i see as an introvert myself ,
please see through our eyes

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



I have always lived between the walls of my room

It wasn't as lonely as you may assume

I have always found it better to be alone

It wasn't that hard being on my own

They claimed me to be mean and rude

When all I wanted was just sweet solitude

They said I just wanted attention

Even though that wasn't even my intention

Misunderstood and mistreated

Claimed to be cold-hearted

I have always lived in silence

Never had the confidence

To speak up about what I'm thinking

Most of them won't even bother listening

So I shut myself out from the world

Who knew that I seemed rude and cold?

They said I looked just as depressing

Though that's not what I meant to be expressing

I just don't know how to act

And that's a matter of fact

I am not what you think of me at all

After all I am not just an emotionless porcelain doll

I have feelings & emotions as well

They are just hidden inside this shell

They said I might be cold and heartless

even though i am all about warmth &kindness

It has always been this way

Getting hurt and saying that i'm okay

But no one bothered to even ask

No one was able to see through my mask

I lived in my own imagination

Made up of my own creation

That's how it has always been

Getting blamed for every sin

Sitting alone in the darkness

Comforted by my own loneliness

So I created my own world

With everything dear i hold

Now that everything is gone

I guess i was just born to be alone

Now that everything is gone

I guess I was just born to be alone


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