Why is love...?

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no one knows what love is , but everyone wonders why is it a pleasure and hell at the same time , so here i wrote some descriptions of love that no one knows the answer to..

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Why is love...?

...so complicated yet so easy

...so beautiful yet so painful

...so sophisticated yet so simple

...so hard to hide yet so hard to show

...so delightful yet so sad

...puts you in heaven and hell at the same time

...makes life so beautiful yet makes it so hurtful

...makes you feel hopeful yet puts you in despair as well

...so hard to find yet so easy to lose

...so hard to understand yet so easy to know

...so sweet yet so bitter

...so peaceful yet so disasterous

...so angelic yet so demonic



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