A destination called inspiration

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i had no inspiration for about 2 months as i suffered from depression and i had my exams going on so i wrote a rough small poem describing my state and marking my destination which is known as

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



I'm searching for my inspiration

A source of my motivation

I've lost my way of creativity

My only way of expressing harmony

Can't find anything to write about

All i have is my self doubt

No inspiration , no motivation

I'm losing my own sensation

Lost in the darkness of my mind

All of my memories that I've left behind

I'm losing my head

Every word that has been said

Nothing can ever light up my darkened heart

Nothing can fix what fell apart

Because there is no light anymore

I know that because it happened before

When I lost my way to the light

I guess it was way too bright

When will my candle burn again ?

When will the sky ever stop to rain ?

Because my fire is burning out

and all the words are leaving my mouth

My confidence , My voice

Guess I don't have a choice

But to have hope and wait

Maybe at this rate

light will find me

Hope will save me

the sun that once was gone

Will rise once again at dawn

I will find my inspiration

That will mark my destination


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