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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Referihm. The worlds largest country, split in half by two kingdoms - The Eris and the Drasil Kingdom. Both are locked in a never-ending war for control of Referihm - the battlefield polluted with
remnants of magical warfare: craters, bodies, and elementals roam.

Deep within the Drasil territory resides the small town of Breckonfull, a large mining community near a mountain. In it lives Octavio Makeinu, an 18-year-old shop owner with an affinity to one of
the most boring magic - water. He spends his days selling all sorts of wares and equipment to passing adventurers and other townsfolk, eventually digging himself a large hole of debt. The story of
Octavio begins with a simple trip to the market.

This story is ongoing and updates biweekly (every 2 weeks).

Table of Contents

Octavio Makeinu

Imagine this as a 'Pilot' episode on TV. If this goes well enough I will try to update weekly!
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The Elementalist

I got over 500 reads on my first chapter, so I wrote the second one. I'll be trying to update weekly! Also, thanks to a friend of mine, I have a new book cover. I think it looks nice!

Octavio definitely had a rough night. Wonder how things will go now?
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Lunge, Parry, Riposte, Repeat

Sorry for the delay! Had to finish up exams this week, and I was a little sidetracked.
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The Skirmish

Sorry, this took so long! I had no idea how to write a proper fight scene. Also, this chapter had to be split in two due to the sheer size I was writing. Expect part two next!
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The Skirmish (Part 2)

Octavio and his crew finish up their battle with the Ferro-Ignis Guard
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Book Update (IMPORTANT)

Sorry all, I have moved onto Wattpad (easier to import my story for formatting and easier UI) Read Chapter