Nika's Fight Plight As A Man

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018




I never had to fight with a delusional woman who pretends to be Andre23, a man

I will make this pleasant for you Nika, as it presently stands

You do not know me that well, so therefore, I will give you a pass

Better Butter Rum Haitian Creole, than your old tried sagging lying ass

Maybe you should have been the one bitten by that snake

Then this conversation would never have taken place

Then acting like a little bitch gravitating like you have man balls

Maybe someone needs to lift your skirt and see why a mental deranged woman uses a man’s identity when she is due for a nasty little fall

I am Haitian Creole, this is how I roll

I am known to come out and attack, mainly to a woman who is totally whacked 

Such a shame you are a crazy monkey on any man’s back

Crotch rotten to the core as you say, no you stated overused

You ought to know, your obsessional son nutted in it until I had to refuse

Blonde hair and now the world sees you for who you truly are, a trolling fake

But to use Andre23’s identity to spurt takes the cake

Only a mouse of a woman would hide behind a man’s shirt

You better come correct demon child, before you began to throw dirt

Not fit to shine my shoes, oh yes are, you will always be below my par

Therefore, here is a little advice I give to you from afar

Don’t go there with me

Just continue to write your boring sunshine poems in La La land, and allow the powers to be

Fake French Fuck

You are just as crazy as I always thought, no morals, from now on I think you need to duck

Jealous of what? Of who?

A person who states she has an associate degree in psychology, but everyone knows at that level, you can’t use

Not if you want to give advice and talk

After you open your mouth, most people will tell you to take a cliff walk

Quit while you are ahead

Trust me, more to be said

You are so weak, until I feel sorry for you will be so much fun giving you your glory, your just due

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