The Last Mage

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It was a typical evening in Paris when something unusual occurred. There were whispers going around that there was only one mage left. Everyone assumed that all of those were gone but obviously
not. Nobody identified what class this mage was and they couldn't tell either. From what they could tell, it was womanlike. Of course, Piggeh, being the perverted guy he is, wanted to go up to her
and flirt with her, while Stephano, on the other hand, was careful and stood his ground. Little did the golden man know, this mage didn't mean harm until she was pushed to.


Gomi Kyoko(the mage) belongs to me! Stephano, Piggeh, and the other Amnesia characters go to their original owner. I just want to test this ship out. Since I just got back into PewdiePie's gameplay
of Amnesia. Forgive me if there's anything that seems off about the Amnesia characters! I chose to write this to further develop Kyoko!

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

It was a kind of hushed atmosphere in the city of Paris, France. People were walking or driving around, doing what they should do. This... Read Chapter