The clandestine chandelier

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The clandestine chandelier meaning a secret chandelier the evil path where only the strong hearted dares to follow not minding the repercussion, they have a goal and that is the only thing they

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



The secret passage leading to wisdom, known by few but the greatest treasure on earth revealing the naked eyes to revelation , the greatest and rarest gem.

The secret unknown but known to everyone a dark treasure that lay in our minds, once unlocked there is no going back, immediately power is bestowed unto you the rich and other great men become mere toys to be used to achieve a particular vision or popularity

Wisdom as beautiful as she is, she chants a sweet song but we have gone deaf to her voices, we lack knowledge therefore making us to make avoidable mistakes which comes with disastrous consequences

Wisdom can't be understood nor explained by our common wits, it's ascending to a different level where you are given foresight to the challenges and matters of life, your heart becomes full of sobriety and day by day you reach a greater epitome of wisdom unlocking your gifted abilities to the world.

People are being drowned in their folly as wisdom calls out from a strange land a land of no returns, a land where you are refueled with all the adequate energy needed for the challenger that you will encounter

Wisdom is a sister to understanding and she gives him to any who seeks for it adequately, she only gives him when desperately in need of it.

We all have wisdom instilled in us but we need to unlock it to tap into its full potentials until then we are just mere men drowning in our folly.

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