Adam And Steve

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Horror. Humour. Flash Fiction. A Case Of Eviction.

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Adam And Steve


  Adam and Steve were two strapping lads relaxing in their backyard

garden after a hectic morning of love making. They were enjoying a

bit of naked sun bathing when a strange figure appeared.

- Who are you?

  Steve softly asked staring at the long thin alien figure, with a head

shaped like a snake.

- I'm your friendly Alien.

- What from outer space?

- Yes, I come from Venus, the planet of love.

- Yes, we've heard about it. It sounds good. Do they have a mardi

gras up there?

- They sure do! They have lots of boys just like you two, and plenty

of rainbows and glitter!

- That sounds great!

- It is! Look boys, I've had a long journey, I'm a bit hungry, and I see

you've got lots of vegatables growing in your garden. Do you think 

you could spare me a couple of tomatoes to eat?

- What do you think Adam? Will we give him some food?

- Well I'd like to but you know our landlord said we should never 

disturb his vegatables. That he was the only one who could eat them.

- Oh come on Adam, that's stupid! I'm going to give him a couple of

tomatoes to eat, the landlord will never know.

- Here you are Alien, take these.

- Thank you Steve.

- Where's your spacecraft Alien?

- Oh it's just around the block, I'll take these back there and eat them. 

Your landlord will never know!

  And with those words the Alien vanished, but suddenly their landlord

appeared from around the side of the house with a loaded rifle.

- I saw that, I saw you take tomatoes from vegatable garden. I told 

you not to! I told you there would be grave consequences if you did.

You two will burn! Now get out of here, scram!

- But we can't leave here, we've got no-where else to live...

  Adam pleaded.

- Scram!

- Can we at least get some clothes from the house? You don't want

us walking around the streets naked do you?

- Scram or I'll shoot!

  So Adam and Steve fled and ran out onto the street naked. A bunch

rugger buggers playing football in the oval across the road saw them,

stopped their game and chased them.

- Look at those guys running around in the nude, they must be queers,

let's go and get them!

- Yeh, come on boys lets go and screw them!

  But luckily for Adam and Steve the Alien appeared again, refreshed 

from his donated meal, and saved them. He zapped the rugger 

buggers with his ray gun until they were dead...

- Come on, Adam and Steve come on back to my spacecraft, I'll take

you back to planet Venus with me. This planet Earth is a homophobic 


- Oh that would be super Alien. That would be great wouldn't it Adam?

- Sure would.

  So the three of them blasted off at incredible speed heading towards


- We'll soon be there boys.

- But Alien Venus is in that direction, isn't it Adam?

- Yes, it's over there Alien. You're of course. Are you sure you know

the way? You're heading towards the Sun!

- I know the way alright boys, we're nearly there. We're nearly at my

home the Sun, we're nearly in the fiery hell of the Sun boys... Where

you'll burn boys, just like the landlord said boys...  You'll burn for

eternity boys..Muhahaha!




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