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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Metaphors and puzzled signs

divided by,

life and lines .

Everything is

raining glitter,

brought to life

everything is bitter.

Lost in a fairytale

happiness drunk,

any other feelings

are worthless junk .

Sole topic

singled out ,

when misfortune is present

pull your hair and shout .

Writing anything

anything in the lines ,

not everything symbolizes

the author's life.

The enchanted pen

of jellyfish ink ,

floats on the page

of an endless sea.

Smiles, tears ,

tangible sighs,

horrors and fears

set aside.

Between writing

and life,

there is almost always

a long fine line.

No hate

No pun ,

No fake

No shun .

No answer

No why ,

No guess

No lies .

No ridicule

No curse ,

No stealing

of words.

No arrogance

No center of self ,

No writings

better than anyone else.

No mishaping

No masking ,

No hasting

No blasting.

Divided mostly from reality. .

Writing is a love

not a fight ,

No intentions

to leave my right.

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