The Times

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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Logan Rackham22


Pearman 1st

“Personal Essay”


“The Times”


Now some people may not like it I do, it is like my way of exploring that


is right moving.Moving is like a book that just came out an you get it


first.Amazing!In this recording of true events you will learn a little about me and


my adventures of friendship in Alabama,New York,Missouri,and Kentucky.Now


let us began with my birthplace Missouri.


In 2004, a baby was born in downtown St. Louis.It was a boy, but he had


problems breathing.thankfully the baby survived.Tho surviving a live or death


he did not like staying away from his mom till he was 4 years old.His grandma


had a babysitting job where he meet his first friend named Will.They played


games outdoors an indoor but loved going to the gas station but that


ended.2007,drive by shooting killed Will’s dad.It was a sad moment a child


going Through losing his dad.But,Will is still kicking it thanks to the help of


the boy.


The boy moved to Alabama to have a new take on live.But,he is still is


amazed by the events that fortake him.When he first moved he had nobody to


talk too.When people moved in he was the welcome party.If you can say that.He


loved having people over but, not all the time.”People will change so will you


but,he is forever in debt to him.” Is a weird saying the boy taught himself.He met


a well-dressed man down the block named Theo 15 or so was a good guy he was


So on and so forth “The Miracle Boy.”A priced name indeed.He was a cancer


survivor,ignorant brat before is what he and his family proclaimed.But, he a


miracle to the boy and all.


In 2nd grade(the boy was in Kentucky at this time.)the boy was sitting


at his desk after school because he thought that he was a late bus.A kid in his


class that was actually a late bus ran to the boy and asked if he wanted to play the


boy being a kid loved the idea.I was Mario how can you say no.Come on you agree.


The kids were having fun till,1 hour later the boy’s mother can and got him.The


boy asked if he can be a late bus again,he was swiftly denied.The next week,they


grew closer and closer now they are best of friends.Sadly the kid moved in 5th

Grade but,they are still close 12 hours tho now it will be 1 hour because the boy


is moving and starting a new adventure.


So you can have friends and keep your enemies close.Or the other way


around.but,you will always need a friend.”There is nothing on this earth more


prized than true friendship” is a quote that I found on by Thomas Aquinas.I can say I


gladly agree.





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