Slipping Away

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To the person reading this.. Hold on. Don't ever let go.

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



" She claimed to be an artist. It wasn't until two weeks later I found her, lying on the bathroom floor, with crimson red carvings all over her canvas" - Unknown

Depression is hell, anxiety is constant fear and worry and paranoia is madness. Having all three? Well that is a mixture for a ticking time bomb. I sometimes find myself wondering what the purpose of living even is. There comes a point in your life when you will reach a set of crossroads. Those crossroads will either define you and help you grow or they will ultimately destroy you. What about that gray area in between? Nobody seems to talk about that cold, dark and lonely place. It's a place where you shut everyone out, you push people that love you away and ultimately at the end of the day you lay in bed with your own personal demons laughing in your face almost as if they're taunting you while you're all alone.When you sleep those same demons make a surprise apperance in your dreams just to haunt you. How do we escape all of the madness and feeling of impending doom?

You see, I beleive that everyone in some way has thought about ending their own lives because they feel as if there is no escape. Some people may laugh it off and deny it but deep down we all have our own personal demons. Some may think that there is no escape and the only way to end all of the maddening screaming voices in their head is to end their own life. I'm here to tell each and every one of you that might be dealing with problems, demons or voices that you don't want to talk about to please hang on.

Each day brings a new oppurtunity and a new challenge. If the challenge gets rough just remind yourself you have fought many battles and won. You can win this and you are never alone as your mind tries to convince you that you are.

They say that the semi colon represents a pause. It's a pause that indicates where the author could've ended the story but chose to leave it open to be continued. This is your story, don't let a few brief pauses define a lifetime. This is also my story and it is not over yet;

With all the love in the world

-M.H. Davis


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