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Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Changing once again

unbolting all the locks ,

new candles waiting

for ignited wicks to spark.

You can't please the misery

but you can drop it with a smile ,

you can't place your curse on me

because I am immune to your vile.

Sicked upon you

like a rabid dog ,

foaming from the mouth

with words of fog .

You can mumble

you can scream ,

but what I will write

while you shriek .

You can't please the misery

it has lost it's taste ,

of a simple cotton candy craft

with taste buds of mistake .

You can't save a half dead burst

the evidence is clear ,

changing again and moving on

with what I find sincere.

Playing with a frog

and waiting for the warts ,

a drop out hobby to rearrange

a writer's work of sorts.

The meanings never matter

just the sole of flow and rhyme

and maybe a unique title

to catch you by surprise.

You can write about sadness

but it doesn't mean you're sad,

you can write about all the good times

that you've never had.

You can write with a dull pen

but your words can still be sharp ,

you have the right to feel like shredding

and tearing it apart.

When you can't please the misery ..

but still I continue on ..

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