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A comparison between a positive poem about school and a negative poem about school.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



Positive tone:

I wake up at a good time and hop into the car.
I’m going straight to school, which isn’t very far.
I hear the first bell chime, I’m already in class.
I follow all the rules, and I’m sure that I’ll pass.
All my friends are here, and the classes are fun.
And during Ramadan, the class is almost done.
There’s nothing I fear, and I’m hardly ever bored,
There’s always something to be done, and they are not chores.
People just complain, they think school is crappy.
I disagree, I am actually quite happy.
We get to be trained, we get to learn stuff.
People who are absentees don’t learn enough.


Negative tone:

I’m torn out of bed at an ungodly hour.
I don’t want to go, but I have no power.
They tear open my head and they force-feed me knowledge,
I put on ugly clothes, man, I can’t wait for college.
The uniform sucks and the classes are boring.
They tore me from the outdoors that I was exploring.
I try to duck away from the homework given to me,
I want to do parkour, or maybe climb a tree.
They say that it’s a time I can socialize.
Yeah, right. We’re trying to be hypnotized.
We cannot talk. They lied! This is just a mess.
We cannot fight. Man, summer is the best.

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