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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the mystery of how Sam catches the dangerous thief.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Submitted: May 30, 2018



One day a man called Sam was passing by a

Hyper market in the night of that day. Sam kept

On watching his shadow. Suddenly Sam saw two shadows of  his when no one was around him and he

Got very scared and ran home. But still he felt that some one is following him. In the morning Sam gave

A complaint to police that some one is following him. Then the polices said they will find out this case soon.

It was a midnight the electricity was off  only in

Sam’s house. Sam felt very strange that the electricity was off only in his house but not in others house,so Sam went and checked the generator oh the generator is off yelled Sam. He  wondered that who had switched it off. Sam got very scared and ran out of his house. Sam saw a man running with a knife so even Sam ran behind him. Sam got a phone call from the police man.

When Sam picked the phone and asked what happenened sir then the police man said a dangerous thief is running away from your house because I had sent few member of police mens to catch that thief and the thief killed them and ran away just catch him said the police man then Sam said ok and ran behind the thief. It was a good thing that Sam had threw a stone on him and the thief saw back that who had threw a stone on him and with out seeing he went and dashed to a house wall then all the police arrested him

Then sam asked the police man that why did he wanted to kill everyone in this area then the police man said because the people who he wanted to kill had lot of Gold with them oh even i have lot of gold that is why he wanted to kill me and take away all the gold i have? Asked Sam then the police man said yes and went back to his police station. After few days the  indian goverment had decided to kill the thief because he had killed so many people. And the goverment gave Sam a job in militory when he grows up and gave him the bravery aword. THE END

Message : kids be alert you can also be a hero like Sam don’t be a coward face problems bravely

Never give up

© Copyright 2019 Arjith Karnam. All rights reserved.

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