Chapter 1: CHAPRER ONE

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Where are you going? You don't even know where you are!" Matthew shouted from with in the hospice as the girl ran outside like a bat out of hell.

First of the girl really has no idea where she is and secondly she hs no clue to who and what these we are... Were wolves the lot of them. We are the only kind of wolf form that can enter and exit hell.

With her shinanigance of storming out of their ''hospice'' and after throwing him with a glass jug filled with water some wolves has shifted into their wolf form to protect their territory and also because their Alfa (being Matthew) were giving off a sense of agitation towards this human girl.

She has no sense of fear towards the Alpha of the pack.

She was bitten by something while she was in hell. Willow the packs Sultry didn't wake him to tell him of this situation, she let him sleep. It might have had a totally different outcome than what's going down now.

She should have woken him especially with news like this. Just because of Willow. Matthew looks and feels like a complete idiot.

The reason is simply because he and his second in command Lucian went back to hell for a second time, it is the second night that's is not good for a wolfs psyche and form.

There will be a massive threat to his whole clan if she does change into a vamp or something, the two strongest wolves are unable to shift leaving those to young and too weak to shift vulnerable. If she turns he will kill her withought any restraint or ill feelings.

He just wanted to take a look at the bite mark. He could have been a bit more humane if that's the word.

Instead of asking her for her arm Matthew simply woke the girl by throwing off the covers, yanking her arm and ripping off the sleeve covering her arm. Thinking about what he did seemed more like a jackass move now.

She flew up in a matter of seconds, eyes big and pissed, a blind man would have been able to see how her eyes started darkening.

Willow HIS Sultry had a smug grin her face just before dissapearing to god knows where, next thing he knew a jug filled with water was flung from where the girl was standing, the jug flew in the air holding the liquid moving straight towards him. Hitting him on the right leg. It is not the break from the glass that sent her running but more the fluid that was running down his pants. Clearly she new what was coming so she ran. Into the a pack of were wolves.

WIth his eyes scanning the area. Just a tussle of some leaf's or branches.

The girl is hiding somewhere this he is sure of. He can't find her, his extra senses is shot after saving HER from hell. Ungrateful brat.

Yes, he may have been a bit hard handed. Some things just needs to be done.

Matthew knows this area like the back of his hand. Only thing bothering him right now is the clinging of wet jeans and the stares from his pack and their mates. As if he needs this right now.

Why he still follows her is not a prioritised thought right now..

"You are acting like a bloody child. Running around at night won't be beneficial to any of us.". The other members of his pack is gawking at him.

Not one of his family will point out where she had gone. The only thing he clearly he sees is grins. Running his hands through his short black hair. The frustration is building even more. But still he walks into the only direction logic enough, forward.

He can't follow her scent because it's masked by something he wanted to inspect. And his sense of smell is in the same category of a humans. Finally he notices a path of destruction reveals the way she went running, through the bushes right next to the path created for walking.

"If you go to deep into this forest you will get lost and die. The moon won't light the way once you get to the trees." Mat kind of yells but also whispers.

She is already frustrating the shit out of him and they haven't even spoke two kind words with each other.

"I give you five seconds." Surely she will come.

"One." Please don't make me come and get you.

Only the cricket that's also hiding answers.

"Two." everyone is looking at me. Some wolves has come out of their dens to see what the commotion is about.

"Three." I should go look for her. What if she fell an hurt herself. Then again what if she is not hurt.

"Your time is running out. And so is my patience, your walking on a thin thread right now. If you don't come out im coming after you. I swear I will carry you out of there over my shoulder. Everyone here will see." he adds miserably.

"Four." what will happen to me if I touch her. Will I react like an idiot again?

Not a word is said. Not even the members in his pack is talking or even mind linking. Everyone is staring at him expectantly. Some has blatant grins on their faces. Others has shock all over their faces.

"Im not scared of you. Just so you know. But you can do with a few lessons in manners." A tiny voice comes from behind the bushes right where he is standing.

A sigh of relief escapes his chest. She's safe. If it one of his pack that acted like this. There would have been hell to pay.

He didn't even smell her. She was so close. Now Mat feel and look like an idiot.

"You should be." Matthew quietly informs Uma. As she's now standing right in front of him.

There's a stubborn and defiant look on her tiny face. So adorable. Then the question pops into his head. Does he really want her to be afraid of him?

Definatly that will be an better option for both of them, it is for best.

"If you man handle me again I will kick you where it matters. " she threatens.

Matthew is definatly relieved that she is safe, and he is pissed because he was worried that something happened to her. Not even to mention that he is also furious because she is a human and got everyone in his pack out of their homes.

This is bulshit.

"Well, if you stop acting like a fucking child there will be no need to man handle you. By the way I just wanted to look at your arm." pointing to the one that has been master fully bandaged.

"By almost yanking it off.?" her shoulders became more prominent. As if she wants to look taller or something.

Uma started looking around, some hid kept to their natural wolf form. The more she looked the more she saw.

Matthew enjoyed her nervousness then turned around an started walking back the way she originally came from.

Willow needs to check her out. Maybe there is something wrong with her Mentally? That's right maybe shes a nutter clearly may as well be. Because any human will be afraid of him it's an instinctive thing.

Always has been like that. It is possible that the bite or its contents screwed with her brain or something. Willow wil have to check her mental stability.

At the far end Matthew can hear Lucian billowing with laughter after hearing Matthews thought.

''May want to keep that thought to yourself brother.'' Lucian informs Matthew mentally. More laughing follows as Matthew tells Lucian to bugger off.

Out of the corner of her eye Uma keeps watch on the wolves. All of them are glaring at her. Luckily she does get the chance to smile back apoligeticly to the people that peeled out of their homes to watch her and the angry man.

"Is this some kind of animal clinic?" she dared asking him.

The mans face is red from anger in a matter of seconds how did she get to that assumption?

He is big man and there may be a small fraction deep with in her that may be afraid of him. Not that Uma will allow herself to fear anything anymore. Death may as well be one form of living.

As if it is an everyday occurrence she runs a bit to catch up to the dark headed man. Confused to why he is upset now she asked an innocent question.

"Do you take care of sick dogs here?'' she asks adamantly.

''What happened to that one?" she pointed to Osnet.

Onset barked with laughter at that comment.

This brought Matthew to a instant stop.

Osnet followed them after hearing her innocent question. And just before they could enter infirmary Osnet placed himself between Matthew and Uma.

Withought even thinking what shes doing she stops. Lowers herself to her knees to find herself almost a head length shorter than Osnet (THE INJURED DOGGY).

His tail is wagging, he is truly an injured but happy silly injured pup looking for attention. All of the sudden she wrapped her arms around Osnets neck and gently hugged him.

"I love animals." Moving her face from his ears to look Osnet straight in the eye. "Good boy." she whispers.

While rubbing Osnets big ears Osnet fell to the ground rolled onto his back. His massive toung hanging outside his mouth. Just like a dog. But a small one.

"Belly rubs!" she giggles. Osnets eyes just rolled to the back of his scull clearly enjoying the attention. So is Uma.

"What the hell are you doing Osnet?" Matthew asked him through their mind link.

"She is sad! You may not see it alpha. I did. Just look at her shes smiling! And she will be easier to work with now. Uuugh thaats the spot..." Onsets injuries completely forgotten. His big hind paw starts scratching at the imaginary sweet spot.

Matthew can't believe that this young pup has the audacity to talk to him like this. Taking a bloody belly rub like a dog. What the hell is going on here?

"Come on leave the pup, Willow will take care of you. She is a very good Sul... doctor."

And for the first time so far she doesn't argue.

Willow waited for them at the entrance quite amused at the spectical their own Alpha created.

Leading them to a small but confined room with in the hospice. Looks more like private quarters.

When all of them were inside she closes the door. Knowing allot of curious ears will be near by.

"May I please show him the wound on your arm now?" Willow asks polightly.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

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