Chapter 2: CHAPRER TWO

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Willow did some tests on Uma. Her blood has been sent to one of the other departments with in their sanctuary but it will take a while for the results to come back.

The fire that willow saw when Matthew and the girl was together was gone. Man and was there fire. Willow smiles as she thinks back to what happened a few hours ago.

Matthew found Willow where she always is. Her plants gets so much attention almost the same amount as her patients.

"Tell me you didn't wake up this time of night, Alpha. If there had been a problem I would have linked ad told you." smiling her know it all smile frustrates Matthew even more.

"What if I did?" he wanted to know. He is a bit agitated. But there's nothing new to that bit.

This snaps Willow into her formal self.

"Osnet is doing well, he will be able to go on as always. Good thing now that you and Lucian can't shift." she informs him dryly.

"And the human?" he was obligated to ask.

"She is fine now, it was touch and go for a bit. Poor thing I don't know what she had gone through. Did Lucian tell you that something bit her on the arm?" Willow felt nervous about this small bit of information. She still does now that she thinks back.

She debated how he will react to the news but it was worse than imagined.

His mood worsened while rushed out of the room heading towards the empty row of beds.

Matthew got to the end of empty beds with in seconds.

A tiny bleak human being laid on the bed, Willow covered her with a nice comphortable blanket. Her back was turned on them. Withought thinking or breathing he throws off the blanket.

He stared at Willow as if he was daring her to say something on what he is doing.

"Where?" is all he asked. His voice was dead calm, and for an Alpha being that calm only means trouble.

Willow couldn't help but to speak up.

"This is not nessisary Alpha. It is on her arm. But we aren't in danger. She is also not in danger."

He grabbed the girls right arm and unceremoniously ripped off the sleeve that was covering the bitten arm. At that moment the girl woke up. And she was definatly not happy. She pulled her arm back with force.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" she wanted to know. She was now on her feet. Glaring at Matthew.

She is so small compared to Matthew and even Willow. But she is definatly not intimidated.

"I want to look at your arm human." he spat back.

"Oh really, did your mother never teach you any manners buddy? And just so you know my name is Uma asshole." her light brown eyes seems to be turning a darker shade. No fear with in this human girl Willow thought.

Matthew made the mistake of taking an intimidating step forward. Willow wasn't sure if he did intimidate her by the look of it. Nope.

"Oh no, don't you dare coming closer." she was looking around for something. Not that there was anything she can use to hurt a being like Matthew.

"Come on, show me your arm. Otherwise I will..." he wanted to tell her that he will...

That is precisely when the  water jug flew in the air,  hitting him on the leg.

Now it looks like the Alpha of the SHadow Guardians wet himself.

"You won't do nothing." already armed with another glass item. That was supposed to make the space look a little less like an infirmary.

Not sure if Matthew was in shock or trying to calm himself. Normally when he tells his beings to do something they won't dare to throw him with a stupid piece of glass mind you they wouldn't even talk back.

Slowly she takes a step back heading towards the opening.

Willow was a spectator to this. The Alpha is losing his patience with the human but so be it. He really could do with some manners is this kind of situation.

"Can you stop acting like a child. Show me your arm. So I can go. This is wasting my time." Willow hears Matthew say. She hid her smile by turning her back to them.

"Oh, so? what makes my time less valuable than yours mister? Do you feel stronger waking up people like this? Where is here by the way? Did you kidnap me?" Uma wanted to know. One hand on the hip and all.

Feisty, Willow giggled as quiet and un obvious as possible.

Lucian told Willow what happened in hell. Clear that this is definatly a bond thing.

Willow and Lark has chosen each other as secret partners. They do care for each other. Only thing that they didn't have was a mate bond. But they didn't care about that. Their fights normally goes something like this.

Willow heard the girls footsteps on the floor, she was running away. She did want to sneak a peak but decided against it when she heard.

"Fuck.". Their strong proud and mighty Alpha exasperated.

Then she heard him run off after her. Yip, a mate thing.

A small smile plays on Willows small mouth. Staring at Uma. This girl sitting on the bed seems different to what she saw.

''Penny for your thoughts?'' Willow set herself available toe ease some of the girls strain.

''You know, I really do appreciate what you did for me so far.'' Lifting her bandaged arm '' I have to leave in the morning. there is some important things that needs to be sorted out and finalised.'' the girl explains.

Willow remained quiet, she knows that if she say something it needs to be in the right context. No more bewilderment reactions is needed so early in the morning. The big issue is the fact that the girl can't leave just yet. no one knows if she will be a threat to anyone including herself. They have to wait for the results of the blood work to come back at least.

''Where are you heading?'' Willow casually asks.

''Home, my brother passed away a few days ago and I really need to bury him.'' taking a deep breath Uma continues. ''Suicide.'' sums it up.

A pang of sadness fills willow. she can only imagine what it feels like to lose someone as close as a brother worst of it all the girl ended up in hell after her brothers apparent suicide.

'' I am so sorry, I know that... I can only imagine what you are feeling. but as your doc I can not let you go, just yet. '' Silently Willow vows to keep the human girl from harm. She is so close to breaking she doesn't even see it herself. To add to that fact is that there is a possibility of someone from hell that is after her. No, she can't go.

''I really do feel fine, I can't stay here.'' Adamant on leaving Uma lifted herself off the hospital bed. She might as well take her leave now.

''Wait.'' Willow is looking for a better excuse than it's only two in the morning.

Mirracously Osnet makes his appearance. Neutralising the situation he gives a loud whine and lifts his front paw in pain.

''Pretend that im injured doc.'' Osnet tells Willow mentally.

''But you are fine now, you have healed completely. But from what I see you may have a major brain injury.'' Willow is no lair and sometimes sarcasm does push through.

''Well duh, she doesn't know that does she?'' another fake whine escapes Osnets trap.

Makes sense.

Two seconds and Uma is off the bed and right next to Osnet. Her focus on him forgetting the fact that she was leaving just now.

''What happened to him? She questioned Willow while stroking Osnets giant head with tenderness care.

In all honestly Willow can't tell Uma the human girl that he was attacked and nearly killed by a vampire in hell the night before.

Then Matthew went to save her. so once again she is indirectly forced to lie.

''He stuck his head somewhere it was not supposed to be and then the entrapment closed on him, pups like this don't have allot of brains when they need them.'' she informs Uma.

''Ouch, that one stung doc.'' Osnet whines again.

''Oh, will he be alright? he seems to have allot of pain. he can stay with me while i am here. ''

''Thank you, just give me a few seconds i just want to go get him his meds for the pain. I just need to make a nice and strong HERBAL potion so that he can also have some sleep.''

Seconds faster than what Onset stormed into the room he stormed out. The special concoction of potion that he was forced to drink when he couldn't move smelled and tasted nasty, Willow knew that the kid will be running out of here like a mad hatter but her human patient did need her rest even if there is nothing physically wrong with her.

With in a few minutes Willow said good night. Uma was so far from sleep she got up and nestled herself in the nice comphy couch that was more inviting than the hard bed.

This is when the thoughts and memories of her brother started nagging her.

Standing here alone in the old and crummy morgue. The smell of chemicals worsening her nausea.

How am I supposed to act? She asked herself once again.

The white haired man stood next to her brothers body, or so they say but Uma is a believer they brother will not just kill himself. 

The old man seems sad for some reason. How many times a day does he have that fake sadness on his face? Is it fake?

Uma is the only living relative and now she is the one to identify the person that's covered by the white thin sheet. Khaan won't do something like this. It is not possible. Her brother has gone through much worse situations than what ever he had gone through before. If he if he wanted to take his own life it would have been when mom and dad died in that crash, or when she was taken away to live in a group home. Or when he... can it be the sacrifice of taking care of her that caused this?

I don't know if I can do this. Uma has this mental conversation going on.

What if it is Khaan?

It just can't be.

If it is?

What will I do?

This is where Uma touched the hand that wasn't covered by the thin white sheet. This gesture froze a piece of her heart. If it is  not her is someone else it's still someone else's blood, someone's family  died.

The sheet still covers the persons face. The old man has gone to stand outside. He said something like he is giving her some privacy.

Deep down Uma knows.

She still can't bring herself to reveal the face.

Not sure what kind of expression her brothers face will have.

Will it show his last moment of torture?

Staring at the sheet, her hand automatically reaches out to the cloth that is covering the face.

"Please, please don't let be Khaan."she whispered.

Fingers touching only a small piece of the white cover.

Taking s deep breath, Uma desperately needs some form of strength and she has no idea where to get that from. As her hand slowly pulls the cloth off the still face. Uma forces her eyes shut. She doesn't want to see this. Oh god!

It's felt hours has passed in seconds that she blankly stared at the sleep like face.

Then reality kicks in.

It's him, oh no! Why would... no how... o don't...

"How could you do this to me Khaan?" she needs to know why he would do something like this. Had she been such a bad sister that he would abandon her like this.

She forced herself to look, there is no one else that will or can do this for them. Tears chose it's own path, She cried and cried until no more tears came. She only had her brother, now she has no-one. She was alone.

As alone as she is right now. Not even to mention that she has no clue where here is.

She can't believe that her brother killed himself. What was his reason behind the madness? Did he just get her out of child protective services simply so he can go hang himself?

No matter why or how she still needs to give him a proper burial an the needs to say goodbye to her only living relative.

When that is done she won't have any one or anything anymore.

As tears quietly falls from her eyes sleep takes over and carries her off to a dreamless sleep.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 binx. All rights reserved.


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