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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 135

Matthew took a nice warm shower. Frustration and confusion will be his best friend until he will be able to shift again. Exhaustion leads him to bed as it was a rough two days.

The knock on the door told him that his 2 o clock is about to last even longer than what it is supposed to be.

''Fuck!'' Matthew got up once again. stomps out his room naked.

after opening the door Osnet stands in front of him in his human form. Which is a good thing it means that his broken body was a story of the past.

''It is two o'clock pup! What do you want?'' there is really a better time to tell Matthew that he is right back to the way he once was before.

''The girl! she wants to leave.'' Osnet in forms him.

''so?, let her go!'' Matthew feels kind off relieved but also kind of uncertain if it will be the right thing right now. ''Look you might feel all well and dandy but I am tired. I dont care what the human does right at this moment but I will be sleeping. Don't disturb me unless it is important!'' Mathew just slammed the door in Osnets face.

There is a funny rule about were wolves, you don't disturb them when they are either eating sleeping or fighting.

Matthew stomps back to bed, falls on it dramatically and almost in an instant he is a sleep. To screw up his nap Matthew has a visitor in his dream state, better yet he was a guest in Spectres world. the infinite being whome the Shadow guardians saved two nights ago.

''you have got to be kidding me right now!'' Matthew blew up.

''Hush.'' The voice surrounds him. Spectre seems like a white haired old man with to much time on his hands. His job is to make sure that the balance of good and evil remains in tide. If there is something to tip the balance worlds between life and death, heaven and hell will tilt and cause one or another world to tilt and be destroyed.

''Come, sit and watch the waves with me.'' Spectre invited Matthew.

Wanting to get it over with so he can have some peace and quiet he sits.

''What is this about Spectre?'' Matthews impatience seems to annoy the being of balance, as he magically shuts Matthews mouth with invisible tape.

''Listen closely.'' Spectre starts.

"In a small village, there was a young girl named Persephone. She was a beautiful girl inside and out. She and others that roamed earth lived in peace with gods.

It was a time where money had no meaning and power was un-irrelevant. Gods were kind to those weaker than themselves. There was a mutual respect between these species.

Some gods fell in love with humans. And visa versa. It wat mutual feelings that made that kind of love a success.

Hadiez the ruler of hell's had an extreme curiosity on the peace that was among humans and gods, that he to decided to venture down to earth.

But, he chose to dwell in a small unknown village.

A young maid accidentally ran into him"

Matthew seemed bored already. Spectre released the gag bound so he is able to ask what he needs to and when he needs to. This is important.

''The maid Persephone.  was young , beautiful and innocent. It was demanded by her parents that loving a supernatural is wrong in many ways. In the end Hades wanted Persephone but she rejected him time and again. ''

''Really, do you really think i need a history lesson on this Spectre?'' Matthew just wanted to rest for a bit.

''Persephone'' Spectre looked at Matthew as warning.

''Persephone, was taken to Hell against her will. She was abducted by the one she rejected. Hades did really love Persephone. He still does. He gave her everything she needed and more.''

''What does this have to do with me?'' Matthew wanted to know.

''Not you. Anyway. After melinnia of time seeping through Persephone's hands. She gave up on someone rescuing her from Hell and became what she swore she never would. She and her henchmen started working on a plan to find Persephone's double.''

Spectre cant reveal to much about the whole situation he has already said to much. He is unable to tell Mathew that the girl that he saved is Persephone's double. He cant tell Mathew that the girl will be the most important thing or being that he has in his hands. He cant tell him that the girl will be the right balance between life and regret.

''Just keep the girl safe! Find the double of Persephone and protect her. Just remember one is more important than the other.'' Spectre stood from where he sat.

''Get some rest.'' Spectre ordered.

''Hang on right there. You said that you need to talk now you just told me just about nothing. a history lesson of sorts Your story don't make sence. What does the girl have to do with any of this? She can't stay with me or even near me. I am not a god dam babysitter.'' Matthew is on his feet as well.

''Look,'' Spectre holds up his grey white hand.

''No, if you dont want the girl there you have tell her to bugger off. But, remember you will be the one to tell her to leave. And she will leave, this will be the reason that you wont understand why i told you what i just did and the imbalance of hell leaking to earth will be on your hands.

to that Spectre stepped over to Matthew and out of no where tapped Matthew on the forehead.

'' get some rest you will need it.'' With that Matthew drifts op into a deep restful sleep.

Hours has passed and when Matthew finally woke the sun was at its peak. He got up walked to the shower opened the water to its coldest and stepped out just to fill up his mug with some coffee. Doing what he normally does he drinks his coffee, showers and sits on his patio. Somewhere something just feels off with in Matthew.

The smell of the girl made him react like a stupid puppy. The night he first saw her things jys

Deciding to take a walk to the infirmary he hears a quiet female voice in his head. It is not one of the females in his pack. which is odd because the mind link only works with in the members of his tribe.

''I need to get out of here, i can wait until Willow is gone and the puppy is a sleep. I need to get to Khaan.'' the voice whispers.

A sudden fit of rage filled Matthew. Knowing who the voice is Mat realises that Spectre gave him the ability go mind link to HER. This is distasteful and bulshit. Pacing himself he walks into the infirmary. Willow looks horrible, clearly she was up all night taking care of her patient whome is planning to run away.

''Go get some sleep.'' He ordered her, withe a curt nod she turns and walk off to her private quarters with in the hospice.

taking a deep breath he walks to the human occupied room.

''Oh no, he is here! How will i get to Khaan now? no , no. This isn't happening.'' the voice mumbles fearfully in his head. ''get back in bed pretend to be asleep.''

With in seconds Mathew is in the room where the girl is ''asleep''.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 binx. All rights reserved.


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