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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 232

''You can't be sleeping still. It's already ten.'' Matthew disrupts the girls fake sleep.

Next second shes up and out of bed, the fear she had seconds ago is long gone.

''Really dude! Don't you think that if I was interested in knowing your opinion that I would pretend to be a sleep?'' Uma can handle everything and anything but people being rude is a complete different ball game.

A smile tugs on the giants smooth shaven face.

Uma's heart skipped a beat or maybe two. He looks approachable and completely different.

''Well mister.'' Uma takes a cetnering deep breath to rid her body of infatuation because this makes her even more unsure and unsteady. ''I will be taking my leave. Thank you for your hospitallity and kindness, im going home.''

He was still smiling but it was clearly fake. His golden eyes just got harder and un- readable.

''No.'' Was all he said.

''What do you mean no?'' Her temper just spiked 100 degrees.

''You can't go.'' Matthew informs her bluntly. On purpous he leaves no space to argue. Unfortunatly he forgot that this being in front of him is a human.

This guy's audacity is unbelievable, who the hell do he think he is by telling her she can't go home?

instead of arguing she walks over to the small mirror finger combing her hair. Splatting some water on her face to cool her down a bit, drying it with the face cloth willow left her. Ignoring Matthew completely. Then when shes all done calming herself, she slowly walks towards Matthew.

Standing in front of him, shoulders square and her back straight. She looks up staring into matthew's golden eyes.

''Im going home now, you are not my boss nor my guardian. I don't need to go by your ways or your rules not even to mention your orders. Im not sick im not broken. I dont need or want your options.''

Uma's heart is beating out of her chest at this point. This guy in front of her is huge, he's well toned and he smells earthy. She won't back down not this time. She continues. '' I don't care if you have a problem with me which you clearly do, I don't give a rats ass. so, please get out of my way.''

Matthew the Alpha, this tribes Alpha had no words. His wolf wanted to mark her THEN AND THERE ''She is feisty.'' Matthews wolf whispered in his mind. he like this girl more every time. If he marked her he would never get her away from here. so, he chose to step aside. Letting her go might be the best option. He let her pass.

If she wants to leave so badly, fine. She can go. She will go on her own. Good luck to her.

''No one! And I mean no one will follow the girl.'' Matthew orders his whole pack. ''If you do not obey my order you will leave this place for ever. no second chances this time.''

She won't last a day out there. Matthew thought to himself, as quick as that limp of guilt seeps in he cuts the cord. ''Danm her!''

Before she left Willow handed her a small back pack that she put together in a few seconds. Walking at a steady pace she heads the way she ran the previous night. she is so focused on each step she takes that she didn't notice the wolf men and woman that watched her with sorrow. They know that this girl may be the one to tame their Alpha.

Before she could get to the prickle bush Osnet got to her, he is whining holding his front paw slightly in the air. Bringing Uma to a dead stop.

Slightly looking down she tenderly strokes the pups head.

''You need to go back.'' giving him a slight smile, she turns and walks on the narrow but clear sand path leading her away from the animal clinic forever.

A slight cool breeze kisses Umas heated skin. It brings some relief to her sweaty body. She has been walking almost two hours withought stopping to rest.

Uma knows that she should have been a little bit nicer to him. But he pisses her off. Yes he is utterly and ridiculously appealing. He had the most beautiful hands and his smile can wake up the dead. The colour of his eyes is kind of brown more a golden brown and some green and all of that is finished off by a dark ring around the cornea bringing out the depth of his eye colour. His body is well toned she guess she didn't see his body because his shirt was covering up everything but it did reveal his masculinity. IT IS REALLY A PITTY THAT HE IS A NATURAL ASSHOLE.

Another hour had passed when she heard water. Following the sound she reached the river in no time. Making the decision to set up camp. She walks around to collect come dry leaves and twigs and finally she gathered some easy movable stumps just so she can keep stoking the fire during the night.

The sun gives Uma an epic show filled with colours and finally it went to bed setting the sky on fire on last time.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 binx. All rights reserved.


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