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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 147

''Alpha, we have been through allot of shit. You made a mistake of letting her walk into the forrest alone. She wont survive it out there.'' Lucian is Matthews beta, he is also he's sworn brother.

''Brother, whose fault will that be? I told her to stay she wanted nothing of it.'' Deep down Matthew knew that it might have been a mistake.

''She has no idea where she is!'' Lucian exclaims. He worries about the girl. She is small and defenceless . ''she is a weakling Alpha she is human. she won't survive a night.''

''Look i can't keep her here against her will. She wanted to go, so I let her.'' Matthew runs his hands through his hair.

''She is your mate!'' Lucian is struggling to get through to his friend. His stubbornness is getting the best of him.

''She is NOT my mate, she is a god damn human girl that will never respect me te way she should. She won't be Luna to this clan so drop it.''

''That doesn't matter! Lord Cernunnos gave her to you. You are the one that needs to protect her no matter what. You had no right to send her off in the woods on her own. You need to get a handle on yourself brother because you are turning into something I don't want to know.'' Lucian has a shake to his body from anger. To the rule that no one will challenge their Alpha is a red line.

Lucian does feel bad for his friend. clearly her being a human has struck a cord Matthew will never be the same and he won't survive withought his mate. The bond linking mates is so very strong. It won't stop taunting Matthew until the bond is sealed and after the marking commences. Things may get a little bit better. Willow told him that the girl is a little spit fire.

''You need this brother.''

Lucian left a very confused and angry Alpha behind. Remembering the night he found his mate.

Standing in front of the gates of hell I feel small even in his magnificent wolf form.

Absent mindedley his claws are digging into the still warm red sand noticing for the first time that there is no sense of life growing inside this earth. The earth Hell was planted on.

Hating the fact that they have to come down to hell at all.

Yes, it is for a far better cause but the smell of fear that is drenched even in the walls always put a depressing feeling on my soul.

All of them has a wish to come down here and just take all of the innocent out of here. There is allot of innocent souls and even people down here.

These wolves can smell the innocent ones that was tricked to end up in hell, they can taste their fear and desperation. Some has some blind hope of escaping. Not knowing it will come with an very expensive prise.

The arch giving way into hell is formed by seemingly dead tree trunks. Everything is dead or either dying. The entwining branches cast its shadow right in front of the gate. A demons form created by the shadow.

The walls not only keeping the gate up but it is also in a sense keeping the unwanted out. The walls build with debre and age old skeletons. If you look close enough there will be a finger bone or a partial skeleton mixed between cracked rocks. Those who dared to fight evil at the gates of hell. Their bones embedded into the walls as reminder.

To Lord Cernunnos (god of animals) this clan is Benedict (blessed) because only Lobisomem like them can enter and leave hell.

It had always been a hard duty, a kind of prise they have to pay, especially Matthew. It was and is Matthew's price to pay for being born.

As warriors they go down to hell to battle witches and demons. At times they do get in and go out with no problems but no one ever really know what's going to happen. The true mission is always and mostly to ensure that the Devil and his minions don't carry the worlds abundance of earth down to hell.

Yes, they do try to protect and help the innocent that has been captured or loored into hell. Some don't mind giving up their soul for freedom others endures a multitude of torture before letting go of what they tried to preserve and protect. Sad to say they have never had a pure innocent to save. Almost all of those they have saved over the melinnia had some link to evilness in them. And the last few years it has gotten worse these humans are so easily impressionable. the Shadow Guardians have had their paws full saving them.

This mission was a bit different than the others. The wolves were set to save Spectra (the one that keeps balance in the world.) Never has this pack met him but they heard he is a jackass. So Matthew already don't like him. He is putting his packs lives in danger for a deity that got himself captured by the devil.

Unfortunately they have to save him, otherwise the balance will never be in our favour again. Evil will take over the world and the innocent will pay the price for not being so easy to turn over to the dark side.

Easier said than done. This pack often forget the impact of these missions. They have failed a few times luckily won more than a few. It does feel as if Matthew is taking even more demons to earth with him especially when he sleeps. Matthew really hates this life.

"This place stinks worse every fucking time! gah." Osnet exclaim, like every single time they are here.

Osnet is a bit mouthy but his attack speed is excellent.

"Yea well this isn't a fucking holiday reserve. Suck it up. Stick to the plan. We go in and get him and get out." They know what is expected but Matthew had a bad feeling.

That sent them toward the hole in the wall. As the Alpha of this specialised pack as always he enter the whole first. Cringing as his paws hit the cold, blood covered mud. He absolutely hates it down here . The smell of blood is thick in their nostrils. Why does go first?

The hole in the wall is connected with a tunnel that leads deep into hell and it ends right in the middle of hells cells. It is not far but it does go deep into the dead ground, and the deeper they go the colder it becomes.

"Tracker, your up.". Seth is a good tracker. All of them are able to track but each one of them has a specific job to do down here. And we all stick to it. It is easier for each of us to stick to our personal strength. It works.

Tensions are high, you never really know what you will find in these cells.

Sometimes Mat thanks the gods that we can only fully see the one they need to save because there is so many that needs saving. In the beginning it was a huge distraction. Their vision blurs if they see someone else in these cells its to ensure that they don't get tempted to save more than one at a time.

"I can sense only two that's held here. One being and im not sure what the other one is but I can sense its rather weak. Were all clear." Lark informs us.

"How can you tell me its safe when you can clearly make out two beings? Go check!" They cant go in more blind then what they already are. Mat needs to know this information, it can be a bloody trap for all they know.

Lark is the only one of us that found his mate. It was rather recently and sad to say it is a distraction. Matthew is the only one that knows this, now the whole secret is becoming a distraction.

"I don't know ,Alpha. It is just that the smell is so faint. It is possible that the other is dying. As we get closer I will be able to assess better." He can't even be sure of his senses. It is clear in Larks voice.

"Onset! Take the lead." Onset is the scout in our family. We can at least trust the kids senses.


In the end they got the all clear and also the confirmation that there is someone else in the cell next to Spectras cell. But it seems harmless. If only Matthew knew now.

They follow the long line of cells only to find the last two occupied.

In front of Spectras cell we stand. Clearly he hadn't been harmed, yet. His clothes still in tact. No scratches. Nothing.

Normally those they save are nervous wrecks. But this guy was cool and calm, he seems rather annoyed as Matthew stands and observe him from this side of his cell.

"Something is wrong." One of the pack members say. Matthew also sense that there's something out of the order. But they need to focus on getting this guy out of here in one piece.

"For heavens sake! Will you let me out of here? It stinks of wet dog now." The grey headed man ordered.

"Sweep the place. Be sure to check every particle. Go! All of you!" In situations like this Mathew doesn't care about Spectras haste. They need to be sure they are secure enough to be able to escape.

"Come on dog! I haven't all day. I have things to do." Spectra is getting on Mat's nerves.

"All clear. Alpha." The pack informs him one by one.

Matthew did realise that this mission is extremely easy. There was not even one interruption. None, it is as if they don't want Spectra down here. I am sure I won't want him in my dwelling either.

"Watch your backs im going to open the gate. If you see anything ruin it."

With curt nods my pack acknowledged my command. They all took their places around me, their backs turned against mine.

Matthew then takes his paw and insert his pinky nail inside the slot. He then swosh it around until they all hear the click of the slot. Thank god for strong changeable nails. Would have been a problem if he carried keys around his neck and then struggling with the key in his muzzle just to open the gate.

"Took you long enough." Spectras face was smug. Matthew could see all the detail in his face, the lines on his old forehead. His pale near white eyes are lifeless.

Matthew heard bones cracking before he could see what's going on. He felt the sting of pain inside his body and with that Onset cried out in excruciating pain.

A vampire latched itself onto Onsets back. Onset jumped up to try and get it off him backing up against the cell of Spectra. But the jackass vamp doesn't budge.

Onset gives his all try and get him off, only giving the vamp a better grip around his upper body. Again the vamp hugged himself around the pups body squeezing even harder. Snapping more bones. Mathew can hear the pups heartbeat. He can hear the pups bones snapping one by one.

Limp and motionless the pup fell to the dusty floor. At least his heart is still pumping. He is still alive.

Automatically Matthew jumped to action. Matthew felt his body release a growl his hatred towards this stupid vamp for attacking Osnet becomes clear as soon as he challenged Matthew for a fight. As Matthew showed the vampire his mouth full of sharp long dangerous teeth. Ready to rip him to shreds.

The uninjured the vamp comes at him with a speed only wolves can handle. His eyes dead just like his soul an empty.

Mathew has no sense of fear especially not at that imbicilic monster, he clearly has no idea who he is messing with. Matthew will end him.

He tried to jump over Matthew, possibly to get away because the rest of the pack also got into motion. Matthew bark at the others to leave the vamp. As Mat charge behind the slinky bloodsucker. He sunk his teeth into the vamp's right leg. Silver fluid spilling even more as Mat bite down even harder. The taste of metal covers his senses and so anger with in him rises.

"Fuck you vamp!" Matthew taunts the vamp.

Mat tossed him into the other locked cell next to Spectras old cell. In mid air he tried to kick Mat with the other foot. The idiot aimed for Mat's snout. It was to late for any action from him as he smashed head first into the un phased metal bars.

Still biting down onto his skinny unbreakable cold leg. Mat swung him towards the other pack members. Unable to let go of his leg giving the vamp one last smash against the cell. He tried to kick Mat again while screaming. Giving him a few more shakes until the leg finally snapped off. Matt's family took over continued to dissemble him bit for bit.

Loud screams fill the cells of hell.

As Mat turned to let Spectra out of his cage he caught a whiff of something unfamiliar but pleasant. At that instant the vamp fall sighlent.

The smell came from the cell next to Spectras old cell. It become stronger as Mat moved closer.

It smelled so good he completely forgot where he was. He forgot the vamp and possibly forgot my own bloody name as well.

Trying to regain some sensibility Matthew shook his head vigorously automatically shaking out my whole body.

Oddly the smell has a feeling connected to it, It felt like he is standing outside in the open fresh air early in the morning. Morning dew covering sprinkles of earth and grass.

Out of curiosity pressing his snout through the bars as far as his big head lets him. The smell sent him back to the days where life was just about surviving outside. Free. And alive. His heart is beating faster and the love I had for life slowly wakes again.

When Matthew opened his eyes , he was only able see a blurry image of something or someone.

A small creature.

He wishes he could see the one that smells like heaven. Lost to what's going on around him. The blur came closer and the smell was euphoric to his senses. It was as if the smell completes him and all he can do is stand there and breathe in and out.

Matthew urge the being to just touch him, He just wanted to feel the touch of heaven for a second.

"Alpha! You can't save it. Come on lets go!" Lucian yelled into his mind.

Matthew is lost. His world is spiralling down and down. Again he breathes in the scent. It's completely consuming.

Matthew came around after what felt like hours. Everything clearer than ever, his senses has never been so strong so wild.

He has to save this peace of heaven. Frantically Matthew retrieved his head and tries to insert my finger into the opening of the lock. But nothing happens. Unfortunately it was nessisary for not not to see the others captured simply because they would want to save everyone that has been captured. Like now.

"You can't save it! Lets go!" Lucian screamed!

He can't leave. Finally slamming his shoulder against the gate, unfortunately that did nothing. He even tried to dig a hole in the ground with mighty strong paws. Nothing budged.

From frustration a whine escaped his muzzle. He simply can't leave this creature here! It won't survive.

"We need to get her out of here, she is an innocent!" Mat ordered Lucian to help him get it out.

"Brother, we can't do that now. We have to leave. We can always come back."

Mat is not listening to him. Again he slams his shoulder against the gate.

"No, we can at least try and get her out of here! What do you think Hadiez will do to her?" They take innocent lives and then tortures them until they complied to handing over their souls "willingly".

"Don't do this brother. I swear we will come back tonight. We need to get Osnet back home. He has been hurt badly." Lucian tried to convince him. This time it worked.

Mat has to leave who ever is in that cell. It is not because he wanted to, he pressed his nose into the cell of heaven one last time.

"Ill come for you." He tried to tell the being that's now clapped her tiny hands around the cells bars. not sure if she understood.

Small fingers clasped tighter around the bars. This is a moment that will never be forgotten. Matthew is abandoning an innocent in HELL of all places.

For a millionth of a second he felt the being was looking right through him, it sees his failures, his heartbreak, she can see him. He knows what he is revealing. He is a monster.

In the end he guess she realises that he is un-salvageable, out of pure realisation she simply moved back into the cell choosing the darkness over him taking its scent with it as she fades out of sight.

He didn't want to go but his Beta gently pushed him away from the cage. He wouldn't have been able to move away by himself. She needed their protection more than Spectra.

He ran as hard as he could. First time in his life he felt cold and lonely. Exiting the hole in the wall he couldn't help to let out a sorrowful cry. He really don't understand why he feels so sad. He had lost something he didn't own.

"I just abandoned someone in hell." Matthew ran as the others carried Onset towards the portal. He didn't look back. He knew he would try to save the one in the cell. He was compelled in a sense to turn back. Sadly consequence would be unthinkable.

Returning to the portal and even going through the portal he didn't look back.

Once back at home his family all let out a heart broken cry they also felt their Alpha's pain..

He let out a final heart sinking howl, His whole world just shattered.

This memory brought back those intense feelings. He needs to go find the girl. IT is his fault she left. Hopefully she is fine and not as far from here.

With that Matthew shifts into his wolf and runs towards the lingering smell of heaven.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 binx. All rights reserved.


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