Chapter 6: CHAPRER SIX

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Uma went to sleep early after snacking on some biscuits that Willow miraculously packed into the back pack.She feels extremely greatfull towards her , her kindness will always be remembered.

The sound of the river flowing, the crackling of the fire lulls her to sleep almost immediately.

Some animals has came out for the night dance, some were even curious enough to come see the new resident in their mids.  Fortunately the high fire kept them at a distance.

There was one other creature that also kept an eye out for the girl.  Impressed with her because she has allot of determination.

After Matthew remembered how it came to him wanting to save her, he ran following her scent.Right now he feels terrible for letting her walk out of his sanctuary with no food no water or even something to protect herself.  Imagine his surprise when he came here and saw that he already set up camp built a massive fire and even the fact that she is extremely comphortable where she lies sleeping.

Wanting to take a closer look at the girl that caused him too lose himself in hell.  he wonders why she is putting herself through this why did she need to go? What is driving her?

Once again guilt rose, Matthew stayed in his wolf form. Just in case she wakes up he will fall down and demand a belly rub as well.She may get a fright of his wolf but she will possibly fight him if she sees his human form.

He chose to lie down next to the big tree just out of sight.  She wont see him but he will see her perfectly from here. Once he grabbed some logs with his mouth and placed it on the fire he thought the coast was clear, he can get some shut eye also.

As he fell a sleep a big river came to view. It was a bigger one than the one at his home. In his altered state he looked around.  A small red tent came in view.

An unfamiliar man started walking from the top of the hill where a truck was parked. He was smiling lovingly as he walked from the van towards the tent, towards Matthew. A Feeling of proudness and innocent love welled up with in Matthew, then the man looked back towards the van still a smile was on the mans face... he was looking a a woman who also apparently gathered things from the van. She was smiling too the woman looked very familiar somehow Mathew took a while to think. The woman looked like the girl.

This is when he realised he was sharing the girls dream with her. "Danm you Spectre." Matthew thought in his own mind.

The woman followed the path leading to the man, she pauses as shes by the man. Gently he lifts his hand and removes the hair that was covering the woman's face. With a gentle peck on the mouth and a swat on the ass they move in opposite directions.

As she moved towards the tent she finally speaks to the girl.

"Baby, go help your brother get some wood." Her calm and relaxing voice filled Matthew or the girl with so much love it felt as if he is going to burst.

"Yes mommy." She got up and ran to the woman. "I love you mommy." as the girl and Matthew wrapped their singular arms around the woman.

"Oh, my angel I love you to the moon and back." gently she hugged back.

"Go, help your brother."

With laughter from both of them. The girl ran to the woods to go find her brother.

The girl ran herself tired and as soon as she wanted to give up she saw her brother. Matthew guess the boy was around ten or eleven. She stopped dead in her tracks. A quiet giggle bubbles from her throat as she quietly as a bomb stalks her brother.

Stomping on every twig her little feet can find she ends up standing behind a thick rough tree. Few seconds of quiet follows, on purpose the boy turns his back to her gently putting down the the bunch of dried out branches he had collected.

Jumping out from behind the tree, she rams into her brother but he was a bit quicker than her.

Screaming loud as her little voice was able. " I got you!" as giggling follows with her brothers fake scared face. Then in a second he grabs his little sister by the waist and twirls her around.

"Ah aa, I got you too!" as he twirls her around once more.

Another giggle follows the girl.

"I had you first Khaan." she throws her head back leaving her neck open for attack.

For about fifteen more minutes the forrest was filled with laughter and happiness. Matthew couldn't help but smile in his mind. This is blissful.

With a strange happiness he drifts off to sleep. It only lasted a few moments as he forced himself to wake up. He needs to put some more wood on the fire. 

As the red, orange and yellow fire glow plays on the girls face. He realises that she his crying where he feels more rested than ever and he feels guiltily happy and content.

A heartbreaking sob escapes her lips. She is in distress as her heart rate picks up. Her tiny fists are clenched tightly.

With one big paw in front of the other he moves toward the girl. She is still sobbing, her heart is breaking.

At that instance a deep un known pain takes hold in Matthews chest. Leaving him breathless and on the ground right next to the girl. The pain is crippling. It is un-thinkable.

Biting back a cry he shifts closer to the girl. Her touch might soothe some of the pain he is enduring.

Closing his eyes as exhaustion takes over.

Spectre comes in view again.

"Fuck!" Mat thinks.

"I am here on official business pup." Spectre informs.

The pain has subsided so Matthew can focus on what is going to be said.

"From now on you will share a very distinctive and different bond with this girl. Even though you have not yet accepted even the idea of being mates, I was forced to over play my hand because you let her go off on her own. she will be your compass from now on withought her near you." Spectre states.

Matthew wanted to say something but Spectre had limited time. So he held up his hand.

"You two will be one, but, I will grant her mercy because her pain is far greater than what you can think. As Alpha and as her mate you will carry half of her burden. You will be finely tuned to her emotions her happiness, her heartache. Her dreams but mostly her heartbreak will be yours to carry."

Matthews face showed all emotions. Shock, disbelief,anger but also a tiny smile.

"I disconnected your ability to hear her thoughts. The rest is on you pup."

Blackness engulfed Matthew, slowly a yellow timely light flashed. Someone' s hand was stuck on the hooter but even though it is an annoying sound it does not bother him as shock took over his body as his eyes started to adjust to the scene in front of him.

Standing on a black tarr road right where the solid white line splits the road.

The red van he saw in the girls first dream was completely totalled. The hand on the hooter was the smiling man's bloodied head pressing down on the hooter.

Matthew is stuck, his body who is actually Uma's body was frozen in fear. She was starring at her fathers body. Out of no where he feels someone taking his hand. Holding it bravely.

"We will be fine." The boy said. "I got you baby." Matthew leans in as Khaan was Uma's safe place.

Another gulf of pain flows through Matthews body. Dream over now it is reality that is striking again. Another bit of his heart chopped of, another shatter took over. Forcefully opening his eyes he can see that the sun is starting the new day.

Quietly Matthew gets up and heads back to the tree that he used to hide from Uma.

He will change back in his human form and try to talk to Uma like a decent being. She will have to come back with him but first he has to find out why she wants to go home so quick even after what she has been through the last couple of days. He realises that he has been very nasty with her. Mainly it is her humanity that puts him off. After feeling her pain he will make an effort to look past who she is in form.

Quietly she stirs and sits up staring at the warm left overs from the fire. Deciding to give her a few moments so that she can wake up a bit more. And also so that Matthew can calm his own thoughts.

Matthew found a back pack filled with snacks and clothes by the tree he changed back to his human form, the stench had Lucian written all over this. "Thank you brother."Matthew does appreciate his brothers understanding even if this whole situation is his own fault. "No worries, brother. Just bring her home." Matthew cuts the link to his pack, Lucian is capable to care for them a while.

Not knowing what to expect or how she will react to him being here. He steps closer slowly. She is calm for the moment.

"Hi." he makes his presence known. "Before you fight I brought breakfast." he continued as she turned around in a split second.

"Come to man handle me again?" she asks with no fire in her voice. 

She is exhausted. Its clear in the dark circles under her eyes.

"No, I came to feed you. And also.." he tries his most sincerest face. Lowering his head. "Im sorry for miss treating you. I was an ass hole." what else can he say.

Luckily she held up her hand. Shaking her head slightly.

"Just, just forget about it. You said something about food?" Uma don't like it when people is angry with her and visa versa. She will be able to leave here with a clean conscious.

"Im sorry too, I wasn't nice either." she said, showing him where he can sit.

"So," he starts " I need someone to help with the pups at the sanctuary." He states after she started nibbling on her apple.

"I can't just now." she said with no reason.

"I will pay you? Willow have to do everything and I hoped that you will be able to help her after seeing how you inter acted with the pup." He needs a reason to get her back to the reserve.

"I have to go home, there's some things I need to handle, and why are you being all nice to me?" a slight frown shows her confusion.

"I feel bad on how I treated you. I will take you home if you want. I was a jackass letting you go into the Forrest by yourself. Let me make this up to you." due to Spectre's involvement this girl must be special. He must keep her close and he cant afford losing his way because of her.

"Where's home?" he asked curiously.

Submitted: May 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 binx. All rights reserved.


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